10 Rules to Keep You Successful for the Whole Life Challenge

10 Rules to Keep You Successful for the Whole Life Challenge

As a gym we are about to embark on a wonderful lifestyle challenge Called WLC (Whole Life Challenge)  

Most people love a challenge especially when the fall starts and the nutrition becomes a priority again.

The reason this one is so effective is it is more of a 7 daily habits challenge. A wellness approach to your overall health.

The categories include:








I had the opportunity to do this challenge 2 years ago. I was hesitant at first as nutrition challenges in the past have been

Here was my big take aways from the WLC, and why I believe you should definitely join the group.

10. I am not doing this to lose weight. I am doing it because I want to be healthy. Weightloss just happens to be a side effect of me getting healthy.

9.Whole Life Challenge is not a diet. It’s true that there’s a nutrition structure and certain foods are being eliminated from your diet, but it is to see the effects these foods (i.e. refined sugars, alcohol, certain grains) are having on your body.

8. The foods I have cut out because of WLC are not foods that I “can’t have,” they are foods I choose not to have. That is why there are 3 different levels (Kickstart, Lifestyle, Perfomance) so you can choose the right plan for your lifestyle.

7. My Whole Life Challenge is “my” journey toward better health, and no one else’s! So don’t compare your points or your focus on anyone else’s. Just Do You!

6. Sleep is Vital to My Overall Health! This was a HUGE take away for me. I challenged myself to get 7.0 hours of sleep per night (normally I would fun on 5-6 hours) and man did I see huge benefits. I didn’t get the 4 o’clock lulls, I wasn’t craving sugar, and I felt rested without caffeine fillers.

5. Movement and Mobility is vital to my health, my mood, and my body! It is just 10 minutes a day so that you find the joy in movement not the pain! You can wrap your brain around it, and you can make it attainable to any day or situation. For mobility you’ll find yourself moving more naturally, experiencing less pain, and enjoying daily life habits more.

4. You can make time for ANYTHING if you really want to. If you don’t think you can give up a certain food, it’s because you really don’t want to. When you really want something you will find a way to make it happen.

3. Water = GOOD. Seriously, if you’ve never paid attention to it, do yourself a favor and get at least your body weight in ounces and divide it by 3. Water is the KEY ingredient that contain so many wonderful benefits to our health overall.

2. The Sugar Dragon is real, and if you don’t quit feeding that dragon, he will rule your life. And the number one thing that I wish people would realize; it’s not your fault it is truly sending signals to your brain to eat more!

1. The WLC  is not a “diet”… it is a LIFESTYLE CHANGE! This is not just one of those temporary things to drop some weight. It is me. It is who I am now, so accept it. Food no longer has control over me. I now eat for fuel, stretch for health, and move with purpose.

There are so many wonderful components and take aways from this process! This is definitely one you will grow so much from!


A: OH Squat

B: For Time:
20 BB Walking Lunges
30 OH Squats
24 OH Squats
18 OH Squats
20 BB Walking Lunges

Posted By: Annie