10 Things Americans Waste Their Health on… Part 1 of 2

We don’t think much about our daily health-wasters . . . but we need to. There are so many places in our daily routine where our health can be wasted without us knowing it. It’s ridiculous enough to make a list over—so we did. I read a recent blog post on a similar list about money wasting and it inspired me to make one about health.

Here are 10 things we waste their health on in America today:

1). Protein Bars. Do Protein bars have protein? If so, are they a complete protein? Yes, they are convienient. Yes, some taste really good. But are they better than real food? NO! Are they the best option for macronutrients, digestion, absorption, hormonal balance? Probably not. Once you replace the quick fix of PBars with some real food your body and results will speak for themselves.

2). Not Eating All 3 Macronutrients in every Meal. Would you continue to drive your car if you ran out of gas? If your car is overheating would you make sure you brought it back to balance with the necessary water levels? What do you do when your check oil light is on? For a lot of Americans we treat our car better than our bodies. And if you don’t include a Protein, Carbohydrate and Fat in every meal you in fact do treat your car better than your body. A chicken is healthy. A cup of broccoli is great! Snacking on almonds is a good call. But when you don’t eat them collectively in each meal you are not allowing your body to go through the natural process of digestion and absorption so your body receives all of the benefits of the food you set out to receive.

3). Lack of Meals Per Day. Do you eat breakfast? Everyday?? Breakfast is the most important meal for a reason and we find the most skipped meal of the day. People are overweight and out of shape because they are malnourished. It’s not so much about calories and over eating and more about the quality of your food and the lack of macronutrients, vitamins and minerals you are not receiving daily.

4). Lack of Planning/Prepping. I have read that if you pre-planned out your day in advance you can save time by increasing productivity. For every 20 minutes of pre-planning you can save 2 hours in lost time. It is similar with meal prepping and cooking in bulk. So many use the excuse of I don’t have time to cook or grocery shop. But when it comes right down to it you would actually save time and MONEY with all of the eating out vs. grocery shopping and cooking for the week. Our CPM minimum prescription for meal prepping for an entire week of healthy meals is  2 hours of cooking and 1 hour of shopping per week.

5). Not Drinking Enough Water. Water is equivalent to the oil in your car. It regulates and helps keeps everything in balance. Water is known to be the most natural anabolic and best fat burner.

Stay tuned next week for 6 through 10…

The O-Board Says…

A. 7 Rounds every 90 seconds of;
1 to 3 Snatches
*Goal is to find 1 Rep Max Snatch*

B. 3 Rounds for Time:
15 Snatch
30 Ring Rows
600m run
*We will scale as needed*

Post by Chris; @cmoknows