Hustler: To Be or Not To Be…

Hustler: To Be or Not To Be…

Success is an outcome that you pay for in advance. Hustlers know that they have to pay the price in advance for what they want, and they never worry about the price. They know that the greater the outcome, the more they will have to pay to achieve it. The hustler pays the full price in advance. The non-hustler, on the other hand, believes they can have success without paying for it.

Hustlers often want financial success. But lets translate this to the physical (fitness) world. The Hustler mindset and approach is to focus on consistency, putting in the time and working to their capacity the  results will automatically follow. They realize true and long lasting results is a journey not a destination and they appreciate effort first and expect results 2nd.

The non-hustler wants to know when they can achieve the results they desire. You often hear them say…

“I have 6 weeks to…”
“I’m doing ‘another’ Whole 30”
“I gained 5 lbs last week.”
“I lost 10lbs in 10 minutes.”
“But my family is in town.”
“I have a meeting and can’t.”
“I’m sore.”
“I can’t do that.”

The non-hustler’s focus is to get to their desired destination as fast as possible while the hustler’s focus is to get there as permanent as possible.

The hustler pays in advance by showing up for class early to stretch, stays late to cool down, and they work harder and smarter than anyone else. The hustler looks for ways to improve and attacks weaknesses or deficiencies will gazelle like focus. They are purpose driven; understanding they have control over their actions while realizing the journey is not going to be easy but well worth it. The non-hustler does the minimum required and not one bit more.

The hustler can’t be outworked. The hustler doesn’t miss their committed workouts per week. They eat REAL FOOD for breakfast, lunch and dinner everyday. The hustler is not perfect but that is not their focus. The non-hustler wants to be perfect and when they slip then they fall and it takes them far too long to get back up (if they even do:(

The hustler knows the difference between prioritizing their schedule and scheduling their priorities. Which one do you think the hustler does??

A non-hustler thinks in terms of 30 day trials; A hustler thinks in terms of 3 months.
A non-hustler goes on a 6 week diet; A hustler changes the way they eat for 6 months.

The biggest difference between a hustler and a non hustler is one of them has make this health and fitness thing a lifestyle and the other treats it as a race. They control themselves, their schedule and simply do not tolerate things (excuses, weather, bad mood, etc…) to get in their way.

When you trust yourself, know what is truly important (and why) surround yourself with the best people you can’t lose.

The O-Board Says…

5 rounds for Time of:
10 One Arm KB Swings, Left
30-second L-sit hold
10 One Arm KB Swings, Right
60-second Bar Hang

Post by Chris; @cmoknows