Something to THINK about…

Something to THINK about…

Recently received an email from a dear friend / member…

Came across this in the context of work (that is, client relationships), but it makes so much sense within the context of all relationships–including relationships with our own health! Had to share with someone who would appreciate it, and you are that person!

From Seth Godin’s blog on 3/27/2014: LINK

What if, in some sort of sci-fi solar flare cataclysm, it was impossible for humans to have more kids? No more babies.

How would we treat the last generation? Would we say to the youngest student on Earth, “sorry the school is really run-down and crowded and poorly staffed, but we don’t want to invest in you?” Would we let the last generation grow up in poverty, or would we do everything we could to ensure that this one last time, we did it right?

To make the example a bit more banal, what if your organization discovered that it would never have another new customer? That the customers you’ve got now are the last ones you will ever have… Would you treat them differently?

Sometimes, when it seems like there’s an endless parade of prospects walking by, it’s easy to discount this particular person.

No new prospects, no more new web visitors, no more untouched email lists… And far more dramatically, no more new students, no more chances to open doors, inspire genius or create connection.

I wonder what happens when we treat children and customers like maybe, just maybe, they’re the last chance we get to do it right.

The O-Board Says…

“Arnie” for Time:
21 Turkish Get-Ups, Right Arm
50 Kettlebell Swings
21 Overhead Squats, Left Arm
50 Kettlebell Swings
21 Overhead Squats, Right Arm
50 Kettlebell Swings
21 Turkish Get-Ups, Left Arm

Post by Chris; @cmoknows