One Week Down, Four To Go!

One Week Down, Four To Go!

Progress Not Perfection

One week down, four to go! Hopefully you logged 15 compliant meals last week and completed your CPM workouts. Along with that, you should be feeling great. Keep up the good work CPM Members. We can’t wait to see the results of this challenge!

Here are the details:

Starts Friday, January 8th and ends Friday, February 12th (just in time for Valentine’s Day!)
Pictures and weight will be recorded before and after the challenge
Cash prizes
$60 buy-in gets you access to our weekly videos and a one-class upgrade to your membership.

To be eligible for cash prizes you must:

Eat 15 compliant meals each week (think Whole 30).
Workout at CPM as many times as your membership allows (including the challenge upgrade). Unlimited members must get 5 workouts in each week.

For 5 weeks, take control of your nutrition, get to the gym and feel great. Our goal for you is to make 2016 your healthiest and happiest year yet! It’s time to develop successful habits that will stick with you long after this challenge is over. This is a lifestyle that is maintainable and practical.

CPMFITness Sweatshirts
We are doing a pre-order for the CPM sweatshirts you have seen the coaches wearing. They are so comfy and warm. Just what you need for January, February and March! Look for a spot to sign-up on the board at both gyms.

Emily’s Progress Not Perfection Journey
Week 1 done. How did yours go? Mine was ok. My meals were great and almost all compliant, even on the weekend. It was what happened in between my meals that wasn’t the best. A friend of mine told me that I was relying a little too much on the 75 minute rule. I think they are right so this week my goal is to cut down on the snacking, even if it’s healthy snacks, in between my meals. I snuck a few lattes in also. These are tough to quit but this week THEY HAVE GOT TO GO!

So far the benefits…

  • I’m in a better mood
  • Lost a few pounds
  • Skin is clearing up (I think)
  • Chris doesn’t make fun of the food I’m eating
  • I’m beating Chris in the workouts (wait, that’s not new)
  • Val is making some of my meals. Wow, I would pay a lot of money to keep this going!

What I’m not enjoying…

  • Typical challenge revolt. Getting mad that I’m in a challenge so I eat a snack that I otherwise would not have.
  • I miss my chocolate and pecans after dinner
  • Warm breves and flat whites
  • While I enjoy looking at everyone’s meals on MealLogger, I’m a little embarrassed by mine. I’m no cook and now it’s no secret.

The Oboard Says..
Eiffel Tower
Partner A/B Row 100 Calories
Partner B/A Hold Deadlift 185/225
Note: Partner may only row while partner holds bar up.


Partner A+B 100 plyo Push-ups
Partner A+B Row 100 Barbell Curls 65/45#


Partner A and B 200 Weighted Sit-ups 45/25#
Partner B Handstand Hold
Posted by: Emily