We Want Your Friends at CPM!

We Want Your Friends at CPM!

Bring a Friend Week! February 21 – 27

Time to do your friends a favor and invite them to join you for a fun week at CPM. Mark the date on your calendar and plan on bringing all of your buddies to CPM! We have a super fun week of great workouts planned for you and your friends. Keep an eye out for emails announcing the dates and info!

Progress Not Perfection

Did the blizzard alter your challenge? Let’s hope not! Life happens and unplanned events can get in the way of your progressing towards your goals. Stay strong friends and keep up the great work!

In case you missed it, click HERE to watch our latest challenge video.


We are really excited to announce our new rewards program, Perkville. Earn points for working out, referring friends, participating in challenges and more! You can turn those points into merchandise, free classes, cash off your monthly membership payment and even a free unlimited month with CPM. We will be launching the program February 1st so keep an eye on your inbox for information on joining the rewards program.

Emily’s Progress Not Perfection Journey

It was a crazy challenge week for me. I finally had to cut the dairy out of my diet. The occasional latte was turning into more than occasional and my skin was paying for it. More breakouts and I was feeling a little bloated. So I ditched the dairy and am feeling much better.

I told you about the peanut butter bars last week. I haven’t made any more of them but I do have to make a batch for my 5:45 am class on Friday. Turns out Nick can rock out sit-ups really fast and earned himself and the class a little treat. They definitely deserve it and I am happy to bake for them! I will try not to eat any of them…. that is going to be a challenge and a half!

Still not digging the meal logging portion of this challenge. I’m eating my meals so I’m good to go there.

This blizzard… aarggghh! We live in the country and it seems as though I’m getting stuck in my driveway constantly. Ok, not constantly but I have gotten stuck 3 times now. Anyway, what does a blizzard make me want to do? Bake! A blizzard is the perfect example of something that happens in our lives that we cannot control and it can really alter our day, days or even week. How we handle these situations says a lot about a person. I did let my kids bake sugar cookies. They did it on their own and the cookies were delicious. Fortunately, I’m not a huge fan of sugar cookies so I didn’t eat my weight in them :-)

Keep up the great work friends!

The Oboard Says..
For Time:
100m Run, 20 Pull-Up, 30 Push-Up, 40 Sit-Up, 50 Squats
200m Run, 20 Pull-Up, 30 Push-Up, 40 Sit-Up, 50 Squats
400m Run, 20 Pull-Up, 30 Push-Up, 40 Sit-Up, 50 Squats
600m Run, 20 Pull-Up, 30 Push-Up, 40 Sit-Up, 50 Squats
800m Run, 20 Pull-Up, 30 Push-Up, 40 Sit-Up, 50 Squats
Posted by: Emily