Take Control of You … CPM!

Take Control of You … CPM!


Take a moment to think this through…..

What thoughts are coming into your head?

When I was recently listening to a interview with Tony Robbins .. One of the things that really stayed with me is when he said “You are the only one Stopping You”!

My gut reaction was to argue and explain all the reasons it wasn’t me …

Until I stopped myself paused the video and started to internalize this phrase …

Instead of viewing this as a negative, I started to embrace this as a positive ..I was in control of me! I can’t necessarily change others, but I can get better each day! I can choose to let life get me down or get me up.

I can choose to get better each day or not ..

People have been in far worse positions and ended up some of the most successful people in the world because they just chose to get better and believe in themselves everyday!

Your adversity is your advantage! Choose to embrace that, and take the world and all its challenges head on.

The O-Board Says…

Clean & Jerk Build-Up

10 C&J, 20 Burpee
8 C&J, 20 Ball Slam
6 C&J, 20 Pull-Ups
4 C&J, 20 Cal Row
2 C&J, 20 Box Jumps

Posted by: Annie