Got Friends? Bring Them To CPM!

Got Friends? Bring Them To CPM!

Bring a Friend Week Starts Next Week! February 21 – 27

Bring A Friend Week = Save Your Friends Week!

February marks something very important in the FITness industry… people lose their New Year’s resolution motivation and STOP coming to the gym for the rest of the year!

In the month of February 78% of Americans that started a New Year’s resolution to workout end up never going back to the gym for the rest of the year!

You workout at CPM, why? Great workouts? Awesome community? Exceptional coaches? Encouragement, support, motivation? The reasons that work for you are exactly what 78% of the population need the most. Let’s do something about it! Let’s save your friends with our upcoming Bring-A-Friend Week!

All You Need To Do:
1. Tell them (obviously necessary)
2. Convince them to come with you (jedi mind tricks are applicable here)
3. Put your name and their name on the board @ CPM (board will be ready Feb 15th)
4. Have them create an account and sign our health waiver

That’s it, couldn’t be any easier.
FYI = If your friends can’t wait, they can always come in for a Free Week Trial any time and any day. #SoonerIsAlwaysBetter


We are really excited to announce our new rewards program, Perkville. Earn points for working out, referring friends, participating in challenges and more! You can turn those points into merchandise, free classes, cash off your monthly membership payment and even a free unlimited month with CPM. We will be launching the program February 1st so keep an eye on your inbox for information on joining the rewards program.

My Take On BAFW
I’m going to continue to share my thoughts on the current events at CPM. So this week I’m going to write about Bring A Friend Week, actually I’m going to tell you why I like to workout with friends.

Let’s see… when I started running consistently (and by consistently I mean EVERY DAY) at the age of 20, I had a few friends that exercised regularly but I didn’t have a workout partner. I usually ran by myself and, while I enjoyed it, I hadn’t experienced the enjoyment of a long run with a friend. As my running “career” progressed and I started to run marathons, I would meet up with a friend or friends for that long, sometimes grueling run. The companionship was awesome and it felt really good to be able to vent and just talk to someone during a workout.

Fast forward about 15 years and I decide to do more than just run. I dive into group classes and experience the competitiveness and excitement of them. I looked forward to my daily workouts with a specific group of friends and we always noticed when someone was gone. You would text them, call them… WHERE ARE YOU?? It was nice to be missed.

CPM…A close friend of mine, who happened to be in wicked shape, worked out at CPM. I convinced another good friend of mine to try it with me. Now we workout together (or I coach them) almost everyday. It’s my best case scenario. The community at CPM is unbeatable. Regardless of whether it is morning, noon or evening classes, every group is fun and I enjoy exercising with them. Who would have guessed working out could be so fun? Get your friends to CPM. While it may take some convincing at first, they will thank you in the long run.

Next week, BAFW, is going to be a blast. Enjoy it CPM Members!!


The Oboard Says..
5 Rounds for Time:
400m Run
20 Burpee Pull-Up
20 Barbell Jump Squats
Posted by: Emily