There Are No Vacations From Working Out!

There Are No Vacations From Working Out!

Supplements and Sweatshirts

First the sweatshirts. We put in another order for the extremely popular CPM Sweatshirts. If you would like one, check with your coach to see if we have your size!

We will be placing another SFH order in March. Watch the board to get your name in on the pre-order!

Guess Who Worked Out On Vacation??

Just returned from a fantastic vacation in Jamaica. The plan was to try to workout about every other day while we were there. We didn’t do too bad. On a vacation like that, it’s not about getting in a workout for physical reasons as much as it is mental. Knowing that I at least made an attempt at a workout makes me feel better about coming back to CPM. The eating… well let’s just say I enjoyed myself. So here’s a little info on our workouts in case you are curious.

Day 1- No Workout
Flying to Jamaica. Definitely no workout. Had to be at the airport by 4 am. Didn’t get to the resort until 4 pm.

Day 2 – No Workout
First full day in Jamaica. Didn’t feel the best after the plane and bus rides yesterday so took the day off from exercising.

Day 3- WORKOUT #1
Liked the workout at CPM that day so tried a modified version with dumbbell thrusters, burpees, lunges and sit-ups.
6 Rounds For Time:
25 DB Thrusters
25 Sit-Ups
25 Lunges
15 Burpees

Day 4- WORKOUT #2
Noticed yesterday that they had a pull-up bar.
AMRAP 20 minute
5 Pull-Ups (strict)
10 Push-Ups
15 Squats
* The strict pull-ups were killing me!

Day 5 – WORKOUT #3
3 Rounds – 10 Jump Squats, 10 Burpees
5 Rounds – 30 Jumping Lunges, 30 DB Snatches, 30 Sit-Ups
3 Rounds – 10 Jump Squats, 10 Burpees
* Burpees… ouch!

Day 6 – WORKOUT #4
Even – 10 Push-Ups, MAX Sit-Ups
Odd – 10 Squats, MAX Sit-Ups
* Got this workout from “Living With A Seal”. Modified it to alternate push-ups and squats. Push-ups only would have killed me!

Day 7 – Headed home. Thought about getting up early to get a workout in…. nah 😉


The Oboard Says..
800m Run
2 Rounds
25 Deadlift
25 Goblet Squat
25 Slamball
25 DB Shoulder Press
25 Goblet Squat
25 Slamball
25 Burpee
800m Run
Posted by: Emily