CPM Fitness Where Legends Are Made

CPM Fitness Where Legends Are Made

How do we become a Legend?

Do you know what it takes?

Are you willing to sacrifice?

Do you believe in yourself?

Are you willing to Fail over and over again?

When it hurts your tired, sick, do you have the will to go on?

It was a sad day last Wednesday in the Mello Household … It was the last NBA game that Kobe Bryant played.

There have been so many wonderful articles, highlight videos, and tributes to this NBA legend.

It was so fascinating and inspiring to see what it really takes to be the “Black Mamba” (Kobe’s nickname). You don’t see the dedication, motivation, courage, tenacity, work ethic, sacrifice Kobe has made day in and day out since a very young age.

We only see him as “Kobe” the unstoppable Laker Legend.

Here is a great article that really dives in to the reason he is such a legend ..

For example Did you know Kobe works out harder and earlier than even the NBA’s best players.

In High School He would show up two hours earlier than every else to practice.

He counts all of his made shots in practice, and stops when he gets to 400.

He has a very strict diet.

He trains for four hours a day during the season, and more than that in the offseason.

These are just a few facts to the many that reveals the work ethic and dedication to this monumental player.

Are you willing to do what it takes Fit Ones?

Day in and day out, you are so dedicated and committed to your craft that it will overcome any obstacle you face.

Be a legend in life!

It takes just as much work to be complacent as it does to be a legend!

The O-Board Says…

A. 3 minute
Accumulated Plank Hold

B. Front Squat

C. AMRAP 18min
P1 – 200m Farmer Carry
P2 – 5 Front Squat + MAX Toe 2 Bar

Posted by: Annie