17.3 Squat Snatch, Snatch Squat, Sasquatch… What?

17.3 Squat Snatch, Snatch Squat, Sasquatch… What?

17.3 – On the Rig Again

Week 3 of the open workouts brought something I wasn’t expecting… chest to bar pull-ups. Week 1 had T2B, Week 2 had Muscle-Ups so I thought they would skip the rig for Week 3. Guess I was wrong on that one. The squat snatch wasn’t a surprise though. We knew a heavy lift was headed our way.

We don’t squat snatch very often so I was a little nervous about the members doing this workout. But I was pleasantly surprised to watch one member after another complete some really solid squat snatches. I was also happy with the chest to bar pull-ups. Lots of members were hitting their chest every time and some of them didn’t even know that they could do C2B! I think performing the pull-ups in singles was key for some people.

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What will 17.4 bring? I’m predicting/hoping for rowing or doubles. Maybe handstand push-ups, another heavy lift or perhaps a max lift in the first minutes of the workout and then moving on to an AMRAP. Regardless, 17.4 is guaranteed to be fun!

If you haven’t been to a Friday Night Lights at CPM, please join us this week! It’s St. Patty’s Day and the athletes are sure to be dressed in green 🙂 Also, don’t forget to join us after FNL at the Fresh Horses Saloon in Harrisburg to celebrate St. Patty’s Day and some member birthdays!



The O-Board Says…

5 Rounds for Time:
11 Pistols
22 Box Jumps
33 KB Swings
44 Situps