1K Row… Can You Hold Back?

1K Row… Can You Hold Back?

Awesome Abs April (AAA) Challenge!

Start = April 18th
End = May 14th

*Everyday. Every single class, including all yoga classes, we will have a portion of class dedicated to your ABS! We are literally going to ROCK YOUR CORE! Expect an intelligently designed program to engage, strengthen and hit every part of your mid section. From your rectus abdominis, obliques, hipflexors, low back, etc… You will get stronger, tighter, not to mention work what most consider the most important feature of getting in shape, the abs! Summer is really just around the corner:)

What do you need to do?
Come to more classes! We are springing off the PnP Challenge (Jan/Feb) and +1 Pass (Mar) and offering another killer upgrade opportunity. Introducing…

Upgrade Your ABS…
1 pack = $15
2 pack = $24 (12/class)
4 pack = $40 (10/class)
6 pack = $49 (8.16/class) *best value & best abs

You can use these classes at anytime during the length of the challenge, 4/18- 5/14. Simply check our schedule online and map out the month of classes you are committed to attending. You can mix up the purchase; for example, 10 classes extra is a 6 pack + 4 pack…

1K Row For Time… It’s Hurts So Good

I get a kick out of watching competitive members in the gym. All of our members have at least a little competitive spirit in them but some (and you know who they are) have a lot. It gets really interesting when we have something like a 1K row in the workout. There is no way to cheat this. You can’t turn a corner early, cheat reps, do half of a squat… it’s just you and the rower. Before the 1K row I hear a lot of “I’m not going hard today”, “I don’t want to die”, “I’m going to pace myself” and then the clock goes off and everything changes.

If you go hard on the 1K row, you are going to feel it. Chances are you hardly remember Part B of the workout (you know that painful AMRAP with a medball) and could only think about laying on the floor. It’s a 3-5 minute row…. how can it be so painful? I think this is what makes it one of my favorite wods. The coaches are partially responsible for making this row hurt so much. We want people to get their best time, we want them to race the person next to them, we want them to fall off the rower after it’s over… ok, maybe not all of the coaches but I do! So next time you sit down on that rower, position yourself just right so you can see the pace of the person next to you, pull the heck out of that chain, breathe, row and then pass out 😉

We’ve got some really good rowers at the gym and after doing the 1K row a few times, they quickly figure out that taking 1-2 seconds off of your row time is extremely difficult. If you are ever curious as to how you rank against others in the world, USA, SD, your age group, etc. on a 1K row or other distance, this link will tell you just that. Concept 2 Rankings

How would you like to have these guys standing behind you the entire time you are rowing? This was only the beginning… it got worse. But Matt’s rowing was spot on!


The Oboard Says..
Part A.
Part B.
For Time:
800 m Run
21 DL
100 Lunges
600 m Run
15 DL
75 Lunges
400 m Run
9 DL
50 Lunges

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