2 Is Better Than 1… Friday Night Lights

2 Is Better Than 1… Friday Night Lights

17.2 – A Whole New Ballgame

It was a packed house for our second week of Friday Night Lights. 28 participants and almost as many spectators. You really had to be there to know how much fun it was! So if you missed out, I have good news for you…. we have 3 more weeks. Plenty of time for you to join us πŸ™‚ We encourage you to participate or to watch!

My Thoughts…

  • 17.2 was a totally different beast than 17.1. I was frustrated with this workout at first because it seriously limits the number of people that can do it RX’d. But it is also motivation for people to try a challenging movement that they wouldn’t otherwise try.
  • The dumbbell weight was doable and we do T2B often enough that our members can manage to knock them out. The muscle-ups are the movement that stop people dead in their tracks. If you haven’t at least tried to do a few muscle-ups before this workout, it’s going to be tough to get one. They require LOTS of upper body strength and some good kipping technique. They are my favorite movement to teach and the most rewarding to watch someone achieve!
  • Speaking of muscle-ups, a few of us decided it’s time to get the muscle-up club going. Hit me up if you want info on how to start!
  • 17.1 and 17.2 have been good workouts for the lighter, gymnasticy athletes. I expect 17.3 to have some heavy weight in it especially given the headliners that will be debuting the workout.
  • Having a crowd there to cheer you on during a workout makes you want to work at least twice as hard as normal. True story.
  • When I looked back at my photos, I could see the determination (and frustration at times) on the athletes faces as they faced this workout. Whether or not the muscle-ups were working for them that night seemed to be the determining factor for enjoyment.
  • We are all much stronger than we think. I had avoided bar muscle-ups for quite some time. I knew my body weight was up and even just a few pounds makes a big difference in my pull-ups/muscle-ups. So I didn’t do them. Randomly on Wednesday after the 6:30 am class, a few of us started to mess around with them and I got one. Why did I wait so long? Because I was scared to fail. So glad I tried them πŸ™‚
  • Speaking of failing… it takes a lot for someone to try a muscle-up in front of a crowd. Congrats to all who did whether you got one or not. I’ve said this many times… nobody wins every workout. Nobody! So be prepared to fail at times. It’s ok and it only makes us stronger.
  • Judging is harder than you think (at least it is for me!). As I’m judging Courtney, I’m trying to coach her at the same time. I find my mind wandering as I watch her, watch the clock, count her reps. I really have to focus! I learned my lesson this past week when I sent her to the wrong movement after she finished her 16 muscle-ups. Not happening again. Thank you to everyone who judges. We appreciate your help!
  • Β The CPM community is amazing! I cannot wait for 17.3!!!

We’ve got some birthdays coming up at CPM and we thought it would be fun to celebrate on Friday, March 17th after our Friday Night Lights workout. Join us at Fresh Horses Saloon in Harrisburg. They have an awesome band playing that night and it’s sure to be a good time!!


The O-Board Says…

Part A:
Hang Clean

Part B:
7 Rounds
7 Hang Clean
7 Push Jerk
7 Back Squats