200% Rule…

What I love about helping people improve their FITness is it can transform all aspects of their lives.

Everyday I coach someone I feel it is my duty and obligation to get them results (physically, mentally and emotionally) every workout. To guarantee that happens they need to operate at a 100% everytime they workout with us. So I implement the 200% rule.

What is the 200% Rule?

It is a coach that has 200% energy, motivation, passion, commitment, care and a no excuse mentality. 100% is for the coach and the additional 100% is in reserves for the client.


Because people will act to the limit of what they believe they are worth. And if I meet someone for the first time and they are operating at a sub optimal level (33%, 72%, etc…) they are potentially unable to achieve the results and expectations they deserve. And I have learned that one of the most powerful way to achieve change is the power of your association (good/bad).

The Cool Thing About the 200% Rule…

It makes the client better… A LOT!

A coach that has the ability to enlist the 200% rule can change lives.

Each and every time a client can workout at a 100% they begin to raise their normal everyday %. As they continue (with consistency) to workout at a 100% level their normal everyday % will act like a snow ball effect. Everyday gaining more mojo and speed. It will then result in a new an improved version of you. A more competent, confident, motivated you. And with this new you everything else in your life will improve. You are happier, more productive, efficient, nicer to others, smarter and heck maybe even better looking.

It’s a powerful concept. With a powerful by-product.

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Post by Chris.