What if CPMFITness Knock’d Up FitChicLA?

We did it once, why not talk about doing it again…

The last 2 years of box owning CFSF (www.cfsiouxfalls.com) was one of the most memorable experiences of my life and the best part about it was I got to experience everything about it with my love and best friend, FitChic.

Now back home in LALA we are talking about doing it all over again, but this time we have lots of success and experience (not to mention waaaay better weather:-) on our side.

We are thinking names. And not just any old biz name, we are thinking of identities, people that […] Read more

Increase YOUR Result Potential…

Most every single person that walks into a CrossFit Box wants to look better naked. That is their main driving force in the beginning.

I will be honest with you…it is a superficial goal…SHOCKER HUH!?

Not that it is a bad goal…hell I still want to look better naked!

But let’s dive a little deeper. Because the general FITness population’s end all be all goal is just that, look better and that’s IT! When you think like that you put a cap on your results.

With CrossFit, looking better is the easiest goal you will ever make. Anybody can get leaner, […] Read more

Do YOU Drop the Bar???

CrossFit is HARD!

Today’s main site WOD consisted of mine and most people’s arch nemeses ‘Heavier Thursters’.

In the first couple of minutes going into the WOD you feel strong, you feel confident, you feel good. And then it HITS you like a train!

It’s hard too breath, the weights continues to get heavier and heavier, muscles start fatiguing, you start shaking…well at least that was my experience today.

As much as I wanted to drop the bar, the more fatigued I got, the more I wanted to stop and puke…I couldn’t, I wouldn’t, it was never an option! (Even tho […] Read more

The Model and GodFather of FITness

By now most all of us know about Jack LaLanne passing away on Sunday. I have been watching video’s the last couple of days in awww of what he did and what he stood for. A man truly ahead of his time and paved the way for how FITness is today.

More About Jack

Another great article worth READING. (You may have to put in a fake email to get past the subscription page, but its worth it!)

[…] Read more

Flip the Script…Be YOUR Own Coach

A great trick I would tell someone when they are feeling “burned out” or starting to lack motivation with their FITness and or Nutrition plan is to…

“Flip the Script”

Most of us know what it takes to be successful with our Health and FITness. The problem is…we are human.

And so much of our success with our Health and FITness rides on what is going on with our lives, family, friends, work, and the normal everyday stresses that life will present you with. Movitation is all about the mental and emotional.

-So when the workouts are becoming stale…-And when the PR’s […] Read more

What If YOU Could Of…

Lets say for fun. You could write a letter to yourself back when you were 17 years old.

Knowing what you know today, knowing what you have learned from your life experiences, and you had the opportunity to write yourself a letter, what would it say???

In this letter you could tell yourself all the things you could have done and should of done.

What would you say?

What life lessons have you learned that you wish you would have known back then?

What do you think would happen if you knew what you know today, back then, and how could you […] Read more

Want More Outta Life…Give Gratitude 1st!

Driving 30 hours half way across the country in the last 2 days gives a guy a lot of time to think about everything in his life.

They always say that in order to succeed and take things in your life to the next level one must be thankful for the things you have already been blessed with in your life.

The things that come to my mind is:

FAITH – Everything we do or receive comes from the power from the Lord. Life is a wonderful filled with up’s and down’s that make everything you do worth it. Having faith […] Read more

Winners Circle

One of my new motto’s is:

-Loserz SUCKS!-Winners RULE!

Every winner gets it done no matter what.

Denis Waitley lays out the 5 steps of what it takes on your path to being a winner.

Every four years we see those five brilliant, interlocking Olympic rings on flags and in television and billboard advertising globally. The Olympic Games are where the best in the world go for the gold and the few stand, listening to their national anthem, in the coveted winner’s circle. If the five Olympic rings were attitudes of champions in every profession, these five attitudes would be prominent in the […] Read more

YOUR Real Life PR Board

PR’s are set in CrossFit Affilates everyday throughout the world. It feels like we are on top of the world at that moment.

Remember when you did your 1st:


It takes time, committment, dedication, heart, blood, sweat, character to push past your goals, set new one’s and smash through them!

What about in your life?

What if CrossFit is a spring board to help you with your regular life. The things we accomplish through CF, the physical and mental training we get from CF bleeds into our lives.

Here is a great post about that very idea, thanks to CrossFit Lisbeth:

“Forget snatching and cleaning and the push jerk today. Let’s […] Read more