What’s Your Expectation?

Stretching Time at CF 818

For your life?For your career?For your health and FITness?For completing goals and tasks you set out to do?

One of the most common things I’ve seen during my time CrossFitting and coaching has been the propensity for little things to derail people’s journeys toward elite fitness. Small injuries, busy work schedules, family issues, or relationship strife are all reasons one might stop paying attention to their fitness… but they usually aren’t good reasons. We’ve talked about excuses and the fact that your fitness at CrossFit 818 consists of just a few total hours of week. Each of you have […] Read more

Your CrossFit Story…

April 2009…


My CrossFit journey began 4 years ago. I was living in Anaheim, CA working as a trainer for 2 different globo gyms at the time. I had been a trainer for over 6 years at that time. As passionate as I was about helping others reach their personal fitness goals as a trainer, I was bored out of my mind with my personal workouts and training, my workouts and results were at a stand still. Doing chest and tri’s on Monday, Legs on Tuesday, Back and Bi’s on Wednesday and then repeating that […] Read more

Mental WOD #8: Good Habit vs. Bad Habit

Pullups are good for you KS:-)

I am a NBP (Natural Born Procrastinator). It drives me nuts!!!

Over the weekend I believe I learned how to finally combat this unhealthy habit for good.

My mind runs at 160 mph for most of my waking hours. They say the human brain has about 1,500 thoughts in a minute. I think mine is more like 5,000! For as ambitious and motivated I am, I feel I can just as easily get distracted and that leads to procrastination.  

If you mind moves fast like mine, it can not only hard to keep up with […] Read more

A Great Way to Clarify What YOU Want Out of Life…

Don’t drop or else!

At Stanford University they teach an exercise in their creative thinking part of the business faculty called, “2010 exercise”. And that is imagine if you have 20 million dollars in the bank (you inherited it, you won the lottery, you just got the $$$). But simultaneously you have an incurable illness and you only have 10 years left to live.

If you had 20 million dollars and only 10 years left to live…

What choices would you make for your life?

And that begins to clarify things. You start to become clear and think, “Well if I had that money, and only a limited amount of time. […] Read more

What Changes?

Easy to say…Hard to do

Working out and eating healthy works. If you do it, it will work everytime. It is the law of cause and effect. The people that abide by it are successful and the people that resist don’t.

If we know upfront that it will work…Why doesn’t everyone succeed?

We all start a program and are very motivated.

What changes?

What is the difference between those that ‘do it’ and those that don’t?


[…] Read more