Take the Path of MOST Resistance…

Chest to Deck is def the MOST Resistance

Everyday you make choices. And throughout each day you make many many choices. And where you are at in life today (your current waistline, business/job success, relationship strength and bank account balance) is directly because of those choices you have made up to this point.

Here is a great post on how you know if you are making the ‘right’ choices with your life by Darren Hardy about The Path of MOST Resistance

Here’s a simple formula:When in doubt, choose the harder task or what you don’t want to do—that’s usually exactly what you […] Read more

Mental WOD 11: Drop all Cock Blockers…

Ahhhh no cock blockers here;-)

Who out there is a nay-sayer to you about your goals and dreams?

How many times do you do feel really good about yourself and the decisions you make and the next thing you know a friend, family member or co-worker throws (and you didn’t ask them) their 2 cents in and makes you feel bad or is trying to stop you in your tracks.

If that has happened before you have been MOTIVATIONALY COCK BLOCKED…and it needs to STOP IMMEDIATELY!

And that is exactly what this week Mental WOD is all about.

Whoever has Motivationaly cock blocked you in […] Read more

Change YOUR Words Series: Today’s Word…’Strict’

Change YOUR Words is going to be a new blog series I am happy to introduce.

The way we think and speak are vital to how we feel and perform. Words are very very powerful. They can be used to your advantage or they can hold you back and stress you out!

We all have emotional attachments to words. Some people view a certain word different than others. Sometimes when I am in a conversion with someone and I hear them say a certain word, I ask them to define what they mean by it. Not because I don’t know what it […] Read more

The ‘Situation’

Jackie is an uncomfortable:-0

Do you take control of ‘the situation’?


Do you let ‘the situation’ take control over you?

Here are a few real life examples: (not mine of course😉

Situation #1: “I can’t go that weekend…I have to work”Real Problem:-A job that is too demanding-A social life that is too demanding-Poor time management during the work weekHARD Questions-What is more important to me – this job, or my friends/family?-Where can I be more efficient to ensure my work is done during the week?-How can I convince my boss to let me have weekends off?

Situation #2:“I couldn’t stick to my diet…We went out for […] Read more

Question of the Week

“Nobody but you is responsible for your life. It doesn’t matter what your mommy or daddy did or didn’t do, you are responsible for your life. You are responsible for the energy you bring to others.” -Oprah What energy are you walking around with today? How will you raise it?

[…] Read more