Dare to Compare…

Which is the better Looking Post WOD face???

In your FITness, Career and the other important areas of your life it is easy to compare what you want to what others have…Or is it?

“I wish I could do as many ____ as he/she can!”“Why can’t I go as fast in the ____as he/she can?!”

Also, in life and career:

-“I want to be rich and famous”-“Why can’t I catch a break like, _____ can”

We are all fascinated by celebrities, athletes and people of stature and the achievements they have accomplished. Even your friends you CrossFit with or people you admire that are not necessarily […] Read more

Mental WOD 16: To Do List Don’t Mean Crap Unless…

You execute it!

Knowledge is NOT Power!…Unless it’s applied.

We all have great ideas. We all have great intentions. We all can PLAN AHEAD, but does any of it really mean anything unless we actually DO IT and PULL THE DAMN TRIGGER???

For the purpose of this post I am referring to starting a healthy new habit i.e. adding in an additional workout in a week, stretching, running, reading more, writing a blog, cooking your meals for the week, etc…

Everyone operates a little differently. So here are a couple options to see which principle or combination of principles will work for you […] Read more

Two Natural Fears



The Nature of Human Emotions

www.selftransformation.net/sa/emotion.htm – CachedSimilar
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Books on psychology and physiological psychology tell us that emotions are … there are only two natural fears: fear of loud sounds, and fear of falling. …
[…] Read more

Mental WOD 15: Get Up 1 Hour Earlier

Human…Turkish Get-Up’s in the morning???

Every morning I wake up (@645am most days) watch MY WIFE get up and go workout. And I…roll over and snooze for another 45min to an hour. I am so impressed by her work ethic and consistentency. Rain or shine she is up and ready to go, and she is not a morning person, trust me:-) And the results speak for herself. Today I was ‘planning’ on getting up with her, but the same old story happened…GRRRR!

So I am just gonna pull the damn trigger and do it this week and make it this week’s […] Read more

Cherry Picking YOUR Life…

The short-shorts 630p crew at CF 818

Yesterday we talked about Cherry Picking your workouts and why NOT too. Today, we will tackle what are some areas you ‘cherry pick’ and why.

Below is a quote from Frank I. Luntyz author of,  Win: The Key Principles to Take Your Business from Ordinary to Extraordinary. Frank discusses one of the 9 P’s of Winning in Leadership and in Life.

Principled Action What good is winning at work if you lose at life? The concluding chapter puts in perspective the essential nature of a set of the guiding principles that define true […] Read more

Cherry Picking, Ducking, and Avoiding WODs…

This includes Cherry Picking Warmups…YIKES!

Here is my post for www.crossfit818.com site today.

“If there is no struggle, there is no progress.”Frederick Douglass

It’s confession time!

How many of you have cherry picked a WOD? (Cherry picking is knowing what the WOD is before you attend a class, and deciding NOT to go because you are scared, worried, think you can’t do it, etc…)

Here are a few reasons why you should NOT cherry pick WODs:

1- You will continue to NOT improve and your overall fitness and results will suffer: The great thing about CrossFit is it exposes your weaknesses. If you are weak you […] Read more

Metntal WOD 14: Check YOUR Engine Light

It takes discipline to balance your life. You should be disciplined with your faith, family, health, education and wealth. You should also be disciplined with your play and your rest.

For the last couple of weeks I have be on a blog vacay. I used this vacay for a time to examine where I am at with my life, where I want to be going, and what I desire to be doing? And I’m still in the midst of that:-)

Too many of us let life take control over us and our thoughts. Sometimes it is NECESSARY to stop your routine […] Read more