At CPM We Put The “FUN” in Fitness…

My husband and I are constantly trying to think out of the box on how we continue to make working out a “fun” habit instead of a chore. If we begin to change our mindset and view fitness as a bonus in our life instead of judgement day we are more apt to continue on our path to success.

What if you could peform activities that you really enjoyed and benefited from in return?  How do you even know what you like to do and why you are actually doing it?

First write down a list of 5-10 activities that bring joy […] Read more

This Just Handed To Me…

Upcoming 1st Competency Course… Paleo Challenge

What does competency create in your life? Knowledge, skill, empowerment, confidence… You get the idea. Health and FITness is more about the mind and the emotions rather than the actual physicality of training. The competency you create with your nutrition habits now put yourself in a position to thrive for the rest of your lives… I’m talking PERMANENT RESULTS! The purpose of this upcoming nutrition challenge is not only have you attain physical results for the now, but be empowered for the future.

Here is the latest.

-It is a 7 week challenge (September 21st & Ends November […] Read more

Recovery Methods: Soft Tissue Therapy

Recovery Methods: Soft Tissue Therapy

There are 3 major phases to consider when you are properly training your body to achieve the results you desire:

Stress + Recovery = Adaption

Most students that come into our gym fully understand the stress part. It is HARD to Workout HARD and that is one of the main attractions to our program. But, this is also where most students fall short in reaching their full athletic and FITness potential. The stress is the by-product created from the physical activity you do while training, but it will only get you so far.

You honestly don’t reach fat loss, strength gain, improved flexibility, better […] Read more

#CPMGO Shirt Day!

We are updating the pics on our website and we want you to be apart of it. Today during the 5:30p CPMFIT and YogaFIT classes we encourage everyone to join us, sport your #cpmgo shirt and we will ROCK the house!

The word on the street is you burn more calories and get more ripped with the shirt on!

We will be taking pics of the warm-up, workout and yoga class and we need you as CPM models.

Come get famous with us!

Today’s Workout:

The Bear Complex (Lets just say those shirts will be creating a lot of sweat angels after this one cuz it’s […] Read more