More Than a Goal…

Seems like such an easy answer but when you really think about it, it can be a very difficult to answer.

When I meet with someone for the first time I will ask them a series of questions to get to know who they are, what they do and what makes them tick. I think most coaches want to know what a person’s goals are. Goals are important. Very important.

But what usually happens when you ‘just’ set a goal? You are really pumped up in the beginning. Life gets difficult. You get busy. Things get in the way. You revert back to your old […] Read more

Getting the Most Out of Your Food.

Don’t you hate when you go to cook a nice steak and look at the label and it says it has expired? But it still looks perfectly good to eat but you don’t want to take the chance….

Or do you wonder why sometimes you get vegetables and they say they are still good but they are not?

Well here are some helpful tips to keep your food at its best for as long as possible. If you keep proper storage and use these tips and tricks you can know what you are eating is not going to effect you in a […] Read more

In the News…

CPM360 Nutrition Challenge

Is officially underway. There is actually still time to get in on it. The first cuts are Saturday morning. Talk to myself or Annie for details.

SFH Supplements are in!

We have some extra protein, recovery and fish oils from the latest order. If you are in need let us know before we are out. We are planning to make another pre-order late October.

In the Works…

Rowing challenge? Wreck Shop?? 1st Party/Get Together/Open House?? Goal Setting Workshop??? Stay tuned…

Today’s Workout:

A.  4 Sets:
5-7 Power Cleans
30 Sec Rest
10 x Good Mornings
30 x Sec Rest
Turkish Get Up’s: 4-3-2-1
30 x Sec Rest

B.   Time vs. […] Read more

Recovery Methods: Cold Water Therapy

Recovery Methods: Cold Water Therapy

Continuing on with our Recovery Method Series.

Here is the recap of what and why…

There are 3 major phases to consider when you are properly training your body to achieve the results you desire:

Stress + Recovery = Adaption

Most students that come into our gym fully understand the stress part. It is HARD to Workout HARD and that is one of the main attractions to our program. But, this is also where most students fall short in reaching their full athletic and FITness potential. The stress is the by-product created from the physical activity you do while training, but it will only get […] Read more

These Foods Are Banned in Other Countries … So Why Can We Eat Them Here?

Food Companies in the U.S. try to hide many harmful ingredients as (additives) into their foods to make them more cost-effective, the problem is with adding these harmful but “inexpensive” ingredients we are leading america on a deep dark path of unhealthiness.

These foods are literally banned from other countries so why are we able to consume them in the US?

These foods are not only harmful to our bodies they are harmful to our overall health!

There are so many products out now that we are told are “healthy” for you, but have very toxic chemicals that are poisoning are actually poisoning […] Read more

Excuses are like…

Excuses are like…

“When we excuse, we lose.”

Most people have excuses. I have excuses. You have excuses. Heck we all have excuses.  Let’s just say that no matter what time of the year it is (summer time, back to school, the holiday season, end of the month at work, family in from out of town, you going out of town, end of the year parties, the “I’m gonna wait until the new year” attitude…) if we let our excuses win, we will lose.

Now that we are officially into the cpm360 Nutrition Challenge let’s get more of an understanding about excuses and to see if it […] Read more

5 Simple Tasks to Keep YOU on Track.

Many of us have certain goals and aspirations we want to accomplish in our fitness and life in general. Most of us “say” we want things but don’t every take the next step to find out “how” to get what it is we ultimately want.

Here are some great tips for you to follow in your mission to continue to hit goals and reach for new ones.

If you really apply these tips to your life you will be on a much more focused track on getting to your goals.

1. Surround yourself with the environment you want to attain for your goals

2. […] Read more

Details Time…

This week is short, sweet and to the point.

CPM360 Nutrition Challenge

Here are the details you need and want to know:

Info POST.
The Why POST.
The Why POST 2.0

Starts this Saturday! A detailed email was sent. Make sure you double check your inboxes.

Jump Rope Pre Order

We will also be placing a pre order on jump ropes this Friday September 20th.

Why you may want your own jump rope…
You are tired of searching for the right size when you do the yyyuuussssaaagggeee?
You want a little more flash with your double unders?
You want the chance to express yourself with your rope and handle colors?

Email us or sign […] Read more

Why Challenge Yourself 2.0?

Why Challenge Yourself 2.0?


I am all about embarking on challenges personally and coaching others to their best. My number #1 goal as a FITness/Success coach is to get someone to do and achieve more than they ever thought they could mentally just as much as physically. Challenges work for all types of people…

Person A: The person who has just not ‘got it going’ and can’t seem to get themselves off the couch and in the game.

Person B: The person that is consistently working but has fallen into a plateau and is resulting in a mediocre mindset and mediocre […] Read more