Heart Health …..

Nutrition is such a key ingredient to the our overall health and wellness. There are so many wonderful foods that can have a huge impact on how we look, feel, and perform on a daily basis.
Here are a list of super foods that really help to keep that heart pumping efficiently.

#1 Salmon:

Salmon is rich in omega 3 fatty acids which studies show to help lower the risk of heart disease and arrhythmia.

#2 The Berry Family:

Blueberries, strawberries, and blackberries are delicious but also have shown to have a 32.5% chance of lowering your risk of a heart attack by lowering your […] Read more

3 Key Ingredients to Help Your 2014…

A few years ago I read a post from an executive coach. In the post he discussed an exercise I have used dozens of times since then. The exercise was called “keep, start, stop.” The idea is rather simple, but profound.

First, make a list of all things you need to “keep” doing in order to reach your goals. Honestly, we don’t give ourselves enough credit for what we do that works for us. At this time of year we want to jump into the “start,” we want to rush to the new stuff. But reaching your goals likely doesn’t mean […] Read more

The Traveling Gym…..

I think one of the biggest hurdles we face in our life of fitness, is that you have to be at a gym in order to get a good workout ….. WRONG!

Here are the top five exercises that will leave you looking and feeling great and you don’t even have to leave your living room to do them!

Now you don’t have to feel like you have fallen off the wagon when you travel this holiday season!

#1 Burpees– a recent study done by doctors and fitness professionals proved that the burpee was the best exercise for your total body. If you don’t […] Read more

Rowing Recap and Reflections on the Challenge.

Merry Day after Christmas!

First of all, great job to everyone who participated in the rowing challenge.

We put some serious meters on the rowers, and we loved seeing you on a more regular basis than we already do!

We thought it would be cool to share the BIG stats from the challenge with everyone, so here they are.

Total Meters Rowed by Everyone  = 4,026,415 meters  (may actually be higher if the board isn’t completely up to date)
Equivalent in Miles = 2,502 miles
New York to Los Angeles = 2,792 miles (thanks Google Maps)

I don’t know about everyone else, but all of the coaches were seriously […] Read more

Are You Playing Full Out?

Earlier this year, an acquaintance invited me to attend a conference in San Francisco.  My travel schedule conflicted with the conference dates, and I was unable to attend but in the email forwarded me about the conference there was a link to an article I found interesting.

The conference organizers requested that if you were going to go to all the trouble to attend their conference, you as an attendee had better show up ready to “Play Full Out.” Perhaps this phrase is familiar to some of you, but it was new to me and while I found the idea to […] Read more

Holiday Traditions ….

One of my favorite things about this time of year, is finding out what people do for their Christmas tradition.. I love to hear every detail, from when they celebrate, the foods they eat, how they open presents, and other traditions that may take place.

There is something that gives me the warm and fuzzy’s about tradition. It has so much history and it is like a wedding there is no right or wrong way to do it. So I thought it would be fun Fit Ones to share in my holiday tradition with you. I hope you find it as […] Read more

4 Holiday Health Busters

I feel many of us throw in the towel during the holiday season. We let our priorities sway for unnecessary reasons.

Here are 4 great tips that will help kick you into gear and not make “loosing weight” your New Year’s Resolution once again for 2014!

4 Fast Fixes For Holiday Health Busters!

How to eat, drink, and be merry–without any regrets–

Bad Holiday Habit: Skipping the Gym

Stay-Well Solution: You don’t have to be a compulsive gym-goer to burn calories. If you can’t maintain your usual regimen now, walk a little more–take an extra lap around the mall during your holiday shopping. Or do ten minutes of strength-training […] Read more

Looking Ahead DEETS…

Coach’s Development Academy (CDA) Info Night

We would like to thank everyone who attended our CDA Info Night on Monday evening. It was a great meeting with great people. We were honored and appreciate the large number of people that came out. If you are still interested and couldn’t make the meeting email me at cpmfitness@gmail.com for more details.

January 2014…

We have a tons of great programs and events lined up for early in the new year.

What might you ask?

Rowga?? Bring a Friend Week.. More YogaFIT class times.. Shower at the gym… Earlier Saturday am classes… Oh Yes, January is going to be BIG!!

Stay […] Read more

How Bout an Epsom Salt Bath??

How Bout an Epsom Salt Bath??

We work out hard, and all of us get sore muscles.  There are a few options to help mitigate Delayed Onset Muscle Soreness (DOMS) such as staying properly hydrated and regularly taking a tablespoon or so of fish oil each day, but has anyone heard of taking an Epsom Salt Bath?

Growing up, I was exposed to epsom salts by my mother.  Whenever one of our horses, dogs, or cats showed up with an injury, laceration, or bad abrasion she would religiously soak a towel with a hot water and epsom salts mixture and apply the compress to the site […] Read more