2014 ReCapping

One of the things I really enjoy about the time between Christmas and New Year’s Day is sitting back and watching all of the ‘Best Of The Year’ Shows for the passing Year. I love to take some time to collect inventory on everything that has happened over the last 365 days.

Some of my Favorite Times…

Events at CPMFITness.

The CPM Combine, 1st Year Anniversary Party, CDA, Bring-A-Friend Week(s), ALLIN, DYP, Tank Top Wednesdays and Rowing Challenge.

Every Day Gym Life.

The Warmup Chats. The Chalk Bucket. The Pink Robe. The consistency and popularity of the Early AMers, The Craziness of the Nooners and all the different personalities each class time held. All the cool and crazy nicknames on the OBoard and off the wall introductions with a new person to the classes they attended for the 1st time. Completing all the Nutrition Check In’s and Quarterly Reviews and learning from and about each and everyone of the great CPM members.

BIG Moments.

The Volume of Success of the ALL IN Challenge in April and the physical and mental transformations that came with it. The growth of the CDA students.

BIG Thanks!

Without God nothing is possible. To my favorite person in the world and love of my life Annie. Stetson, my partner in crime. Mother Plucker, I think we balance the fun and productivity part pretty well. All the CDA’ers, I learn from you maybe more than you think. Each and every member, you light up this gym and each of you bring special gifts, personality and talent that make this gym #morethanagym.

20 Lessons Learned. #2014lightbulbs

1. Life responds to deserve not need.
2. Are your goals worthy of your action.
3. Doing the right thing is hard, but not complicated.
4. Hard to learn from your mistakes when there is no consequences.
5. You can look at the situation different and the situation will look different.
6. Price is what you pay. Value is what you get.
7. I’d rather u be active & make incremental improvements 4 the rest of your life than to run myself into the ground for a few months chasing.
8. Not afraid to do it wrong because I know I will get it right.
9. Once you respect than you can expect.
10. If you are connected to your problems… How can you get results?
11. You get 2 out of 3… Good, Fast and Cheap. What is your pick?
12. Life is slow enough to notice everything but fast enough to miss it.
13. If your trying you are lying.
14. Action done beyond normal, over time, equals change.
15. Good Excuses still get you nothing.
16. We have fear because we crave comfort. But when you stay comfortable you stay scared.
17. There is no humility in discounting your abilities.
18. Calmer the mind the happier the spirit.
19. You will be obsessed regardless. By the examples you create or the excuses you make. You get to choose.
20. Someday is not a Day.

Now it’s your turn.

What are your Best of moments for 2014 with CPMFITness?
What are your favorite classes, workouts, hang-outs, event’s, etc???
Give some thanks. Offer us some Lessons you have learned. #lightbulbs

Post to Comments and give us some Memories to Remember.

The O-Board Says…

A. Snatch Work
3 Pos Snatch: 3-3-3
Snatch: 1-1-1-1-1
*Every 90s*

B. AMRAP 20 minutes:
1 Snatch (20 KB Swings)
*40 Double Unders/100m Farmer Carry
*Alternate every other Round*

Post by Chris; @cmoknows