A Little More Upcoming Challenge Deets…


Monday, March 24th we will be having a informational night regarding the CPM ‘ALL IN’ Challenge. We will discuss the rules, regulations, provide necessary handouts of information and answer all of your questions or concerns. Our job this evening to paint you a very clear picture of the potential you have and the guidelines to follow to ensure you are more than successful.

Here are more of the details…
*Dates: April 1st – April 30th
*Before and After Pictures (confidential of course:-)
*Weekly deadlines of a Food Log (similar to our previous nutrition challenge)
*Weekly Monday […] Read more

Time is on Your Side!

There are many “stories” I see with my clients. They come from different walks of life, some have kids, some are married, some work 60-80 hours per week, some are unemployed, but the most common theme I hear with many people is “I don’t have time to eat healthy” or I don’t have time to workout etc….

But when we really break it down for our clients, we all have “time” we just have to make time! So I am writing to all you “time adhesive” people today to show you how time can be your worst enemy or your best […] Read more

Basic Nutrition Part 1, The Carbohydrate

I’ve been revisiting something I haven’t looked at in a while.  As well, a few folks have been asking me questions about nutrition.  Therefore, I thought it might be helpful if we went through a 3 part series together defining and talking about the basics of nutrition.  I like to keep things as simple possible.  I get confused or distracted easily, and I find beauty in simplicity pays major dividends in my ability to learn (or relearn) new things.  With this in mind, I’d like to use these three posts to cover the three macronutrients we humans need to exist. […] Read more

What Exactly Is In The Foods We Consume?

Although the foods we love may taste delicious they could be causing us long-term harm.

I recently saw a great post in the Huffington Post in regards to the infamous “Shamrock Shake” from McDonalds. This shake is an exclusive once a year treat that people get really excited about. As I read the ingredients that make up this delicious treat, I ask myself “Would people really enjoy this as much if they knew exactly where these ingredients derived from and what exactly they were doing to their body?”

One of my favorite parts of nutrition consults, challenges, or seminars in making people […] Read more

Identity and Associations

Identity and Associations

Whatever we want on the outside we have to work on the inside.

We are a direct result physically, financially, relationship-wise and any other area of our life due to our self identity and how we view ourselves. I have often said in the past (specifically in THIS PREVIOUS POST) that how we raise our self identity and change our lives for the better is in 2 major ways…

*The books you read.
*The people you associate with and surround yourself by.

An emerging field of study called, Network Science, is asserting that all kinds of behavior such as obesity, smoking, sleeplessness among teens, drug […] Read more

Your Week’s Deets…


February 24th @7:30p: CPM Open House 2 Event (Monday Evening)

Do you know someone that is???

*BORED at the gym.
*TIRED OF NO Results
*WANT a challenge.

This is open to the public, friends and guests of members.

*The coaches go over a brief introduction of who we are, what we do, and why we’re different.
*We’re going to run everybody through a group baseline so the coaches can assess your fitness ability and guests will get a preview of how our workouts will look and feel.
*Members bring your Friend(s) and Re-Test (or take for the 1st time) our Baseline Test.

NEW JUMP ROPE ORDER. Due 2/21 […] Read more

5 Happiness Tips to Add To Your Life

We all have lulls in our moods or our day. It is so easy to get caught up in our own pity party, but how are we going to snap ourselves out of this so we can feel better and not make the people around us miserable as well.

Here are five tricks that add happiness to your life and creates a better environment for you all around.

#1 Find an exercise that you enjoy – Exercise raises your endorphins and when it is enjoyable for you that is a double bonus. Do an activity outside to add even more happiness to your life. You […] Read more

Which Gives First, Mind or Body?

I’ve seen a certain Japanese doctor’s research surface in several talks and articles over the last few years, but had forgotten about it until a recent event where someone mentioned it and renewed my interest.

The man is Dr. Masaru Emoto, and his research involves water.  His doctorate is in alternative medicine and I’m not exactly sure what that entails, but his research I find very interesting.  In the mid 90’s, Dr. Emoto began freezing water and observing it under a microscope believing he would see something like snow crystals.  What he and his team found was that in normal tap water and […] Read more

The Best Answers Aren’t Answers; They’re Questions.

The Best Answers Aren’t Answers; They’re Questions.

“My prospective client is looking for easy answers. They want me to tell them that they can have what they want. But what they want is transformational physical change without making the necessary investments. They don’t like my questions because they force them to deal with their real constraint: a lack of physical/mental/emotional resources. But until they can answer the questions about how they can invest in the results they want, they can’t have powerful physical results.”

I’ve recently uncovered another philosophy in life. We get further in life, we achieve better results when we begin to ask ourselves better questions. A lousy […] Read more