Why Do You Challenge Yourself?

On the eve of our upcoming ALL IN Challenge it got me thinking about why we challenge ourselves.

I write a lot of why you should but today I want write about and hear from all of you on why you WANT to challenge yourself.

Since I was 12 years old I have been fascinated with ultra successful athletes, celebrities, artists, business leaders and entrepreneurs. I love to learn about what makes them tick and how they continue to evolve and develop themselves to excellence and until recently I have not really understood why.

Earlier this month Annie and I were watching the […] Read more


The CPM ‘ALL IN’ Challenge

Thank you to everyone (all 60 of you!) that expressed interest in our upcoming ‘ALL IN’ Challenge.

It’s time to throw yourself ALL IN! Monday marks our first meeting and Tuesday the 1st is the official start date.

Make sure you have checked your emails this week as all of the info has been laid out clearly and in a step by step fashion.

Also don’t forget to grab your copy of “It Starts with Food”. This will be the focal point of each of the meetings.

We also have some really fun and exciting sponsors for this challenge:

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Find Your Passion and Live It!

Chris and I are very focused on personal and professional growth. We are always reading, watching, and listening to authors, entrepreneurs, and goal-oriented people we aspire to be like.

I came across this quote and really liked how it was written. It was so simply yet very impactful!

Your mind and body is like a garden.

If you ignore it and abuse it – the weeds will infest.

If you pay attention and work hard – It will flourish.

The trees will bear edible fruit. Flowers will spring up.

Cultivate your talent and YOUR life will change for the better.

Find the thing now you really want […] Read more

Shoulders and Shins

So a couple of things I’ve been hearing at the gym in recent weeks are:

It’s killing me I can’t do overhead squaaaattsssss!!!!!  I’m so frustrated by my shoulder mobility!
I have terrible shin splints, it’s killing me!

When I started working out back in the day when I was the student and CMO (Chris’ nickname at the previous CrossFit in CA) was yelling at me all the time, I also could not perform an overhead squat.  This was very frustrating for me because I knew I was strong enough to OH Squat the barbell, I just couldn’t get my shoulders/hips/ankles to get […] Read more