Labor Weekend DEETS…


Our Schedule on the website has been updated and is as follows:

Saturday August 30th – Normal CPM Classes
Sunday August 31st – No Classes, CPM Closed
Monday September 1st – No Classes, CPM Closed
Tuesday September 2nd – Normal CPM Classes

Happy Labor Day everybody!  Have a great weekend!

CPM SWOL/SLIM Tank Tops Update and Week 5 Winner… 
Week 5 Raffle Winner = Angie Fiechtner

Week 4 TankTop Raffle Winner = Russ Pixler
Week 3 TankTop Raffle Winner = Hayden Yeradi
Week 2 TankTop Raffle Winner = Timmy Unruh
Week 1 TankTop Raffle Winner = MB Vilhaur

We have a limited supply tanks in our inventory = $20 plus […] Read more

It is Vital To Stretch!

We are always told that we should stretch, but is it better before our workout, after our workout, on our rest days?

These are all great questions and I think they are all right answers.

Stretching is always beneficial and here are some important reasons why:

Improved blood circulation: The deep breathing in yoga and the deep pressure work in foam rolling work together to improve your blood circulation which is beneficial because it allows your body to begin removing toxins from your body, delivers more oxygen to your cells and allows for a more efficient transportation of nutrients to your body at […] Read more

Motor Skill Acquisition

Something that has peaked my interest lately is motor skill acquisition.  How do we form connections between the mind and the muscles and get our body to do things like the power clean, or the kettlebell swing or handstand?

Fortunately for me, there is a lot of research available, and I’m narrowing down what to spend my precious time reading.  Here are some promising papers I’m interested in:

Stages of Motor Skill Learning – Luft and Buitrago
Successful learning of a motor skill requires repetitive training. Once the skill is mastered, it can be remembered for a long period of time. The durable […] Read more

It Starts With Fun …..

It Starts With Fun …..

Chris and I were recently discussing the reasons people let “life” get in the way of their health.

Why can some people be so delligent about coming to the gym and eating healthy and others can start on a good routine and then just get off track and go on a downward spiral??

I believe the answer is …

You have to train your brain to make it fun!

Fun is first and the results will follow.

Think back to your youth … How many of us look forward to recess or after school so we could play on the monkey bars and swing on […] Read more

Time Management isn’t the Problem… It’s “Me Management”…

Time Management isn’t the Problem… It’s “Me Management”…

Most people don’t really have a problem with time management. They have a problem with “me management.” Time management is easy, “me management” is what’s difficult.

Time management is putting all of your appointments on your calendar. That’s an easy, straightforward task that no one has a real problem completing.

“Me management,” on the other hand is the part where you make all of your workouts for the week you scheduled in advance on Sunday’s. Getting yourself to make those workouts is “me management,” not time management.

“Me management” is also saying NO to the things that you are asked to do that […] Read more

Read These DEETS…


If you’ve been wondering where the lovely Sara Cantine has been and didn’t even know she was pregnant, we’re not shocked.  She worked out unphased until 2 weeks before she had her baby!  Pretty awesome.

We’re having a baby shower this weekend here @ CPMFITness for Sara.  Please attend and congratulate her.


Who: Mack Scott Cantine (great name)
Where: CPMFITness
When: August 23rd (Saturday) @ 12:30pm
Bring: Whatever you want, a little app, something to drink, just yourself

See you all Saturday!

CPM SWOL/SLIM Tank Tops Update and Week 4 Winner… 
Week 4 Raffle Winner = Russ Pixler

Week 3 TankTop Raffle Winner = Hayden Yeradi
Week 2 […] Read more

Top Reasons To Not Go Out To Eat …

If you are feeling the urge to go out for dinner think twice before you react to the urge. Here are 5 reasons that staying in is the better option. Not only will your bank account thank you so will your body!

1. You tend to eat healthier when eating at home – Only one in four people say they actually eat healthy foods when they go out to eat, according to a 2013 study by the market research firm The NPD Group.

2. You can control the ingredients that go into your food – When eating out you can’t control what […] Read more

Fuzzy Stuff

I’ve always wondered why when I get up in the morning I’m so stiff!?!?  I work hard to maintain a fair amount of flexibility in my muscles and joints.  But every morning I wake up and feel like I am extremely stiff and rigid.

The Musculoskeletal System

I think the reason must be contained within the three major components of our musculoskeletal system.  This system consists of bone, skeletal muscle, and connective tissue.

My bones aren’t changing much overnight I’m guessing.  So the reason I’m so stiff must lie with my muscle and connective tissue.

Skeletal Muscle Is Really Amazing

The muscles that operate our […] Read more