Rounding Out All Our Skills

Running Is Essential

Sure, it might be possible to make it through life without ever having to run. For most of us, I’m betting at some point or another we’re going to have to do something more than a brisk walk.

I never viewed running as important, artful, or a skill until a few years ago. It was just something required during a workout to get the heart rate up and chew up some time between barbell movements or other stuff. Well, my view of running changed when I started reading and watching stuff by this guy.

Ever watch Usain Bolt Run?

It’s impressive, […] Read more

Things I Learned from my Grandma…

Over the weekend I went back to California to attend my grandmother’s funeral, Jean White.

She was the ripe age of 95. And was the last of my living grandparents, my mother’s mother. My immediate family had a special bond with Jean not only because she was with us the longest but because for the last 12 years she has lived with my parents. We loved her dearly.

The priest of the service had a great message about Jean and about life. Funeral’s are a great time to reflect and appreciate the wonderful memories we had with grandma but also help you […] Read more

Be True To Yourself …..

Misty CopelandĀ a Principle dancer for ABT who speaks very openly about the scrutiny she received growing up in the dance world was featured in an Under Armour commercial recently.

She was told in many ways and at many times she did not have what it takes to make it as a professional dancer. She didn’t let it beat her down. She was persistent and determined to make it happen and with a whole lot of hard work and dedication that is just what she did.

She let her passion take precedence over anything else and didn’t allow the “noise” of those around […] Read more