The Buddy System

What Are We Talking About

“The buddy system is a procedure in which two people, the “buddies”, operate together as a single unit so that they are able to monitor and help each other.” — Wikipedia

The buddy system is used by our military, firemen, police officers, and school children.  Programmers even practice what’s termed “pair programming.”  The pair work on the same computer, one writing the code and the other reviewing the code as it’s typed.

The main benefit of the buddy system in these instances is likely safety.  If one person gets into trouble, the buddy can rescue them.  There are […] Read more

Don’t Get Stuck in a Rut …

Do you ever get stuck in a place that you just can’t seem to get out of?

You wake up just not feeling yourself, you use your “go to” happy tricks and they are just not getting you out of your funk …

Its ok to not always be OK.

You go on Facebook it is a “false reality” people only put what they want you to see not the whole truth. Which can lead us to feel even worse. ( I challenge you to limit your Facebook time and keep it very focused).

I listened to a really good podcast this past week […] Read more

A Challenge Rant and Tips…

“Everyone deserves to win. No one is entitled too.”

When you have the opportunity to challenge yourself take it!


Because it can become your greatest source of inspiration.

It is typical for you to look at a particular challenge in your life and say,
“I can’t do that…”
“There is no way…”
“I never give up that…”

It’s easy to take the path of least resistance. And let’s get real, that is how a lot of our lives are set up. Remotes, microwave’s, instant access to this and that.

Successful people are where they are at in life because of one thing… They Push Through! Anyone successful in their […] Read more

Nutrition Challenge DEETS…

October Nutrition Challenge…  

SAVE THE DATE; Monday September 29th at 7:45p (after the 630p class)

“Dominate Your Plate” 

Same Whole 30 rules as our ALL IN Challenge in April with a different perspective and ending. A few clues…

*Run’s October 1st – 30th
*This is a self challenge not a competition. (more info next week)
*We will put your $$ where your month is… Literally!
*Better/Updated Picture Food Log App, Introducing “Meal Logger” site,

*And much more awesomeness!

Join us for the September 29th info meeting to get all the Deets!


There are 2 reasons why you SHOULD be interested in our upcoming Yoga Teacher […] Read more

Top Gym Bags For Work and Workouts

I have been on the lookout for a new workout bag to carry with me to a business meeting, and cruse into the gym with all in one.

Is there a way to find such a thing?…

Yes there is …

I like to use the phrase from work to workout bag. Here are five gym bags that keep you feeling professional yet prepared all in one.

Top 5 Gym Bag Must Haves ….

The Lululemon Two Times a Yogi Bag –

It has amazing colors and the bag is the perfect size to take to a lunch meeting, or to hold your yoga mat for […] Read more

One Day At A Time

Let Me Start

By saying thanks to everyone who came to the first CPM Combine.  I had a great time watching everyone’s performances, and I think many of you were enlightened about how capable you are.  The Combine was blast and I eagerly await the next one.  Of course, I need to recover fully first.  I’m still pretty beat up 🙂

A Little Reflection

After the combine, I dug through my old workout journaling to see what my improvements were.  I focused specifically on the clean and the pullups going into the Combine.  I found out that on October 16th, 2012 my max […] Read more

Find The Champion Within …

This past weekend, our gym CPMFITness had a “combine” event or test of skills if you may. We had all walks of life, and many different levels of athletes all performing tasks to test their skills. My eyes were glued to the individuals, as each of them persevered, challenged themselves, and pushed themselves past limits they didn’t think were possible.

My point to all of this is they are not only inspiring individuals with a ”No Excuse” mentality… They acted as champions!

There was a group of inspiring encouraging empowering people who have put hours into the gym, pushed through pain, and […] Read more

The Most Important Rep(s) of Your Life…

There is one mistake that you might be making right now that will cost you opportunities. I see a lot of people making it, and once you make this mistake, it is not only difficult to see but also it is difficult to recover. The mistake? Not recognizing that your actions mean nothing if you don’t fix your way of thinking and how you view yourself.

In our society we are always on the go. Do this… Get that done… Deadlines… On to the next… Facebook… Twitter… go Go GO!!

We want results and we want them now. It is good to […] Read more

New Nutrition Challenge in October mini DEETS…

The CPM COMBINE + 1st Anniversary Party

The heats are set. The electricity is in the air. We are ready to ROCK!

There is still a few spots left to get a chance test a wide array of physical skills.

Afterwards, there is the CPM 1 Year Anniversary party.  We love all our members, and we want to say thanks for being the awesome community you’ve become.  Please join us for a little celebration, and to talk some smack about the combine!

Details Here


Whether you are an experienced student or an up-and-coming teacher, this course will give you the skills of a seasoned professional yoga teacher.

From […] Read more