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CPM Member of the Week

We thought it would be really fun to highlight a CPM member each week in the blog. Don’t be afraid to share your story with us when we ask you to. It will be fun 🙂 Watch for the CPM Member of the Week interviews to be coming soon!

Nutrition and Quarterly Sign-Up Sheet

We want to make it easier for you to schedule your Nutrition Check-In and Quarterly Check-In with us. We’ve posted sign-up sheets with available dates and times in the changing room. These check-ins are a very valuable part of your membership. Don’t be afraid […] Read more

Yoga Mat Maintenance Tips

I have a lot of my yoga clients ask me how often to wash your mat? How do you wash your mat? How do I keep my mat looking and feeling good! So Here are some tips to keep your mat looking and smelling divine!

# 1 it is a good idea to give your mat a spray down after your practice with a tea tree oil solution or an organic mat spray. You can also grab one of the handy dandy disinfectant wipes from the yoga room and give it a quick once over if you are borrowing one.

#2 […] Read more

Don’t Forget About The Long Slow Walk

It’s going to come as no surprise that I love the gym.  I like to exercise and get my daily workout (even one with burpees if I must).  The gym is great, but what about other exercise?  Surprisingly, I have grown to appreciate the long, slow walk as another form of exercise.  However, this one is more mental exercise.  Perhaps even something more.

I’ve read various estimates about how far our ancestors walked daily (between 4 and 10 miles), and I can’t help but wonder if all this walking is something that could be beneficial for us today.  To be clear, […] Read more

8 Steps to Success

I was listening to a great sermon by Pastor Mark Brewer Sunday morning and he was speaking about the 8 rules that the Navy Seals live by to get through not only buds but through combat training and battle.

#1 Happiness makes you successful and it makes you have purpose and meaning in all that you do. You notice that people with a purpose tend to be more successful then people who are just living life day to day with no real direction.

#2 Don’t Focus on the Struggle Focus on the End Result: Make your purpose stronger than any road block. When […] Read more

PM Rituals… Helping with Better Sleep 2.0

Continuing on our ritual kick we spring off last week’s topic, MORE MORNING RITUALS… HELPING WITH BETTER SLEEP, and talk about some evening rituals to help with better sleep habits.

I believe one of the biggest reasons why people don’t get enough sleep is at times it can be hard to literally go to sleep. We get frustrated because we need to rise early to start our ‘busy tomorrow’ and all we can think about is how we can’t stop thinking and need to relax and FINALLY go to sleep (speaking from personal experience)!

While we may not be able to literally […] Read more

It’s Friday!

Goal Patrol!

Have you set a goal on the Goal Patrol board? We want you to help you set goals, work towards them and meet them. Talk to a coach if you need tips or tricks to help you achieve your goals. Already met your goal? Time to set a new one!

Yoga Teacher Training

Whether you are an experienced student or an up-and-coming teacher, this course will give you the skills of a seasoned professional yoga teacher.

From this streamlined, proven program that teaches the art and skill of teaching yoga classes, you will be able to confidently and effectively teach group and private yoga classes of any level. Learn how to:

Skillfully teach over 50 poses
Build […] Read more

Reasons Prohibiting Your Weight loss Goals

Do You think you eat really healthy, maintain a good exercise routine, but you still can’t seem to lose the pesky lbs?

Here are some important tips that could be the road blocks keeping you from your goal.

#1 Your Eating Foods That You Think Are Healthy and Are Not:

Two things I hear from my clients often are “I thought I was eating healthy” or I don’t really eat much. Both are inhibiting your ultimate success. There’s a saying you can’t outwork a diet. Nutrition is 80% of it.

Eat most of your starchy carbohydrates (like potatoes, quinoa, and sweet potatoes) on days […] Read more

Your Comfort Zone is Variable

I catch myself avoiding trying new stuff or pushing my boundaries.  My mind is happy to live inside my comfort zone, and I wonder why this is.  Usually, I think it has something to do with my mind’s self serving interest in keeping me alive.  There existed a time when getting outside the comfort zone meant real danger, and a likely chance for my untimely demise.  Though this threat is existent in today’s world, it is rarer in form than several hundred or thousand years ago.

What do I mean by comfort zone exactly.  Perhaps I should clarify.  Imagine a circle. […] Read more

Limit Excuse Gain Success

Get rid of limiting excuses that are road blocking you from your ultimate success.

Don’t let your excuses or intimidation get in the way of growing and achieving more in life than you can ever imagine.

You hear people around you all the time justifying why it is they are in the positions they are in. As creatures of habit we can tend to focus on retreat and all the things we are not doing and it becomes a crutch. We start to hobble instead of skip to our purpose and passions in life.

When we get stuck don’t let it keep you […] Read more

More Morning Rituals… Helping with Better Sleep

“I just want to get healthy.”
“I want to get back in-shape.”
“My goal is to lose some weight.”

I ask, “So what do you think you need to do?”

“Eat better.” “Start a workout routine.” “Workout more.”

I can’t remember the last time someone answering me with, “I need to sleep better.”

Sleep (believe it or not) is the first thing on your body’s agenda for optimal health and healthy bodyweight, but unfortunately last on most people’s daily agenda.

A good night’s sleep, every night, is critical for ALL aspects of your health. There is no part of your biology which can function optimally, even if […] Read more

What’s Happening at CPM? Find Out Here!

Wine Down Yoga – This Friday!

When: Friday, February 13th
Time: 7 pm – 7:45 pm

Bring your yoga mat, a plastic candle, your favorite bottle of wine and a loved one/friend and come hang with your favorite gym/community. This is a slower paced class vs. the usual YogaFIT classes. It is designed for more stretching, flexibility, breathing and restoration from the week of workouts.

Feel free to hang with us after and have a glass of wine with your favorite gym and community. For members counts as a class. Or you can buy a special single class rate for $10 for this event […] Read more

Fun Workout Ideas For You and Your Loved One …

With Valentine’s Day right around the corner here are some fun ways to stay fit and be loving all at the same time …

Working out with your special someone won’t just make you fit, it will make you fit better together. 

Exercise is shown to actually have a physical and emotional benefit to you and your loved one. You can share a fun experience together and release some endorphins which is always the perfect ingredient for all relationships.

Now you can look forward to the gym or your activity, because it is shared with your loved one. (It also makes the time fly by).

Working […] Read more

What Are Your Expectations?

Ever listened to a podcast?  I’ve known about them for a while, but never thought to give them a try.  Then technology made it easier for me to do so by allowing the pairing of my phone with my car stereo.  That, coupled with the annoying amount of advertising played on local radio forced me to explore other auditory entertainment.  I tried podcasts, and have stumbled upon a few that are most entertaining.

One in particular is called Invisibilia.  This podcast’s aim is to

Explore the tangible forces that shape human behavior – things like ideas, beliefs, assumptions and emotions.

I’ve been enamored […] Read more

Great News for All Chocolate Lovers ….

Ever wonder why you crave chocolate so much? Many moments of your day are consumed with thought of rich creamy silky chocolate? A meal cannot be complete without that little piece of chocolate at the end of it? Does it seem like no matter how much you eat it is never enough?

If this is you, you are not crazy you and rest assured good quality dark chocolate can actually be beneficial for us!

First Chocolate is high in magnesium and contains iron and potassium. Potassium and magnesium help to regulate blood pressure & keep stress levels even.  Magnesium is both energizing and […] Read more