New Year… New CPM Goal Board…

New Year… New CPM Goal Board…

78% of all New Year’s resolutions (i.e. wannabe goals) fail and most people quit their goals after the 3rd week in January.

Why is this?

I feel most people think that if they simply write something down for some reason it will ‘magically’ happen. And if you don’t think it will ‘magically’ happen they sure act like it will because they simply do not do what it takes to achieve the goals they wrote down.

Perspective on Goal Setting/Goal Achieving

Disciplines are greater than resolutions, and by a wide margin. Goals are wonderful. You cannot hit a target that you cannot see. But most of the things that will make a difference in your life are not goals, they are something more than that.

  • Running a marathon is not the same as having impeccable health.
  • A high paying job is not the same as creating wealth.
  • Spending more time with your family is not the same as being fully present for them when you are with them.

Most of what you REALLY want is a life-long project. Goals are the milestones along the way, but disciplines are what keeps you tracking towards your North Star. Disciplines are what allows for the incremental accumulation of results over time. Intentions are not enough, and neither is a great plan.

Some “Hidden” Truths about Goals… 

  • We over-estimate what we can do in a month. We under-estimate what we can do in a year.
  • Being Comfortable = No Achievement + Unhappiness… Being Uncomfortable = Achievement + Happiness
  •  Its all about execution. Apple (one of the most innovative companies in the world) is 90% execution and 10% innovation. Most think the opposite. Complexity is the enemy of execution!
  • Beware! Your friends love you on the condition that…
    … you don’t change too much
    … you don’t become more successful than them
    … you don’t become more confident than them

Rules for the CPM Goal Setting Board…

1. It must be Specific. 

Wishes vs. Goals… It is the key. The mind only goes to work on specific, detailed and precise things. Specificity holds you accountable to a number vs. how you feel.

These Don’t Count #noRep
Legit Goal(s)… #goodRep
  • I want to get in shape
  • I want to lose weight
  • I want to feel better
  • I want to run a 6 minute mile
  • I need to be 170 lbs
  • I want to stop taking my blood pressure medications
2. Reason(s) Why… 
It’s not the goal. It the reason(s) behind the goal that is the REAL goal. #truthBeTold
Lets get real. The weight loss, strength and energy gains are awesome! But we are doing all of this to fulfill our dreams, feel and be proud of ourselves and share it with others.
Pro-Tip = You must account to someone. Yes there is a power in saying your goal. But that will only go so far. There is not only more power in sharing it but there is a spirit in sharing it. It must be shared with someone outside of you.


3. It MUST have a Deadline 

This goes in line with Specificity. We will always choose the path of least resistance. To build framework, structure and consistency we need a deadline to work towards and backwards from. You will focus your attention on execution vs. thinking about it.


4. It MUST have Checkpoints “ALARM CLOCK

Create constant reminders in watch, calendar, phone, planner, etc…. You literally need wake up calls to remind and re-enforce your thoughts and behaviors to stay on track. The more and further out you pre-plan your “alarm clocks” the more likely you will succeed. Hmmm… Kind of like your compliant meals and workouts. Think daily, weekly, monthly, quarterly or even YEARLY!


5. You MUST work on yourself… 

 Write down a one word Strategy for the year __________
*Examples = faith, love, resilience, giving, beast, beauty
Who are you this YEAR? What is the word that will define you? For more info why read –> THE SOLUTION AND THE PROBLEM (LINK)

The O-Board Says…

Kettlebell Fun
A: EMOTM for 25-min:
Min 1: KB Swings x 20
Min 2: Push Press x 10 each side
Min 3: SDLHP x 10
Min 4: One Arm Row x 10 each side
Min 5: Russain Twists x 10 per side

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