Sun for the Soul

Sun for the Soul

As you read my blog this week, I will be enjoying my last few days in the Caribbean. This is something my husband and I commit to doing yearly. Although the finances don’t always look like we can afford to go, we say each year that this is something that we can’t afford not to do.

With the daily hustle and bustle of daily life, it’s easy to forget about the person you married. This is our time to reconnect, spending quality time together away from the kiddos to help us refuel after a long season of busyness.

Maintaining our health routine […] Read more

Do You Even Stretch?

Do You Even Stretch?

Do you stretch with a purpose?

Or do you just stretch for the sake of stretching?

Sure, you have mobilized some. Pulling your leg behind you until you feel a strain on your quads, or kicking your leg up on a bench and leaning into it before a run. Real stretching is not part of a warm-up or cool-down though, real stretching is work. Sweaty, dizzying, (occasionally) nauseating work.

Let’s clarify one point before we get too far. When I talk about stretching (with a purpose), I am talking about actively working to increase your range of motion and your flexibility, with the intention of achieving […] Read more

Good News CPM’ers … Eat More Lose Weight!

Good News CPM’ers … Eat More Lose Weight!

We all know the power of food is to our bodies.  For years, we’ve been focusing (in my opinion) on the wrong aspects of food. Low Fat, Low Calorie, and Empty Caloric foods such as (diet coke, 100 calorie packs, fat free dressings etc).

Will that help us achieve well-being, maintain our happy weight, and live the fullest life possible. It has been my mission to educate people that food is fuel and it is about eating good quality foods that nourish our bodies like protein, vegetables, and good healthy fats (like coconut oil, olives, avocados)  recent years, this trend has really […] Read more

CPM Week of Workouts Feb 26 – March 2

CPM Week of Workouts Feb 26 – March 2

Good things come to those who sweat.


Got another amazing week of workouts coming up. Finish February strong and get a great start on March!

Monday: Great start to the week with 2 Rep Max Thrusters followed by Burpees and Barbell or DB Thruster.

Tuesday:  Chipper!! We have a little the everything so come have some fun!

Wednesday: Death By!! It’s our final Death By of February and I think we have saved the best for last. Then we have some running and walking lunges.

Thursday:  March starts with a Snatch build up. Part B is Toes 2 Bar, DB Hang Clean and Jerk and […] Read more

Friday Night Lights – It’s Go Time!

Friday Night Lights – It’s Go Time!

Let The Games Begin!

The build-up to Friday Night Lights went fast. Crazy fast! I’m taking a short break from Gym Rat Chit Chat to recap the FNL experience each week. The workouts, the people, the highs, the lows…. there will be lots to tell!

About 50 CPM members and coaches are participating this year and several of them are anxiously waiting as you read this to see what 18.1 will hold. Where do we find this information? Follow Crossfit on Facebook (click HERE). You will receive a notification when they go live to announce 18.1 where they will […] Read more

The Mod Squad – Friday Night Lights Special!

The Mod Squad – Friday Night Lights Special!

Who’s ready for some amazing workouts!

It’s hard to believe the Crossfit Open is here again. Seems like we were just watching the games! The excitement around the announcements, workouts and clues is all over the place and the enthusiasm is contagious.  We have some amazing people competing and I thought what better way to keep everyone healthy and moving than a little yoga!

I put together a 10 minute flow to stretch our back, hips and shoulders (places we all seem to hurt ?). Now you can take as much time or as little time going through the movements as you like. […] Read more

Lets Get Mental about FNL…

Lets Get Mental about FNL…

This coming Friday is the beginning of our 2nd Annual Friday Night Lights (#FNL).

Friday Night Lights is a Weekly 5 Week Workout Community Event. My goal is to create an environment that supports you challenging yourself to raise your mental, emotional and physical levels to a great level.  This is a POWERFUL opportunity to put yourself “out there” in an uncomfortable atmosphere to foster change and growth (in a friendly, supportive, motivating environment of course;-)

Now with great power comes great responsibility. With that lets dive into….

Good Competition vs. Bad Competition

Something very good or something very bad can happen to you…

You […] Read more

The Perfect Breakfast Crunch CPM …

The Perfect Breakfast Crunch CPM …

Breakfast is the most important meal, but “time” seems to be the biggest issue.

What if you could have the delicious recipe you are looking for, and make enough to grab and go from the fridge running out the door?

Here is one of my favorite recipes that tastes amazing and is the perfect treat in this cold wintery weather!


1 tbsp coconut oil

1 large apple or 2 small peeled and diced (I used gala)

1/4 cup raisins

2 tsps cinnamon

1/2 tsp of pumpkin spice

1/8 tsp of nutmeg

3 tbsp unsweetened coconut finely shredded

1 cup chopped raw nuts walnuts, cashews, pecans.

1 cup unsweetened vanilla almond milk, coconut, or cashew.

Toppings to serve with:

1-2 bananas sliced

melted raw almond butter

Additional cinnamon for taste


Heat […] Read more

CPM Week of Workouts Feb 19 – Feb 26

CPM Week of Workouts Feb 19 – Feb 26

Constantly challenge yourself.

Friday Night Lights start this week, are you ready? Come join your CPM community and cheer the competitors on!

Monday:  Starting with some Hang Cleans. Then grab a partner for some partner sprints, rowing and burpees.

Tuesday:  Part A kicks off with some doubles and sit-ups. Part B finish strong with a Farmer’s Carry and running.

Wednesday: It’s Wednesday so get ready for another fun Death By…come workout and see what’s in store. Then we have Power Cleans and Rowing for Cals.

Thursday:  Another great partner workout, so grab your gym buddy and join us for some squats, KB swings, burpees and […] Read more

Gym Rat Chit Chat Episode #9 – Becky, Babs, Buck Norris

Gym Rat Chit Chat Episode #9 – Becky, Babs, Buck Norris

Episode 9

Have you ever noticed the fit blonde bombshell that flies through workouts like they are no big deal? That’s Becky Brost. Also knows as Babs (Bad Ass Becky) and Buck Norris (Becky/Chuck Norris). She’s not only an awesome member but she’s also one of my best friends. Becky introduced me to CPM over 4 years ago and I knew right away that if Becky liked it, I was going to love it! Becky is an original…. she started this stuff back in 2009 when Chris and Annie opened Crossfit Sioux Falls. She’s probably recorded more […] Read more

Self Love ❤️

Self Love ❤️

It’s easy when asked about whom you love, to list our family, friends, pets, crushes, etc. Often we forget to mention a very important person: ourselves.

We live in a tough world. People can be extremely critical, cruel, and cold. We are obsessed with labels, with finding acceptance, with this implication that we must be “perfect.”

I grew up as a highly insecure girl. I had different color skin, my hair was different, I worried about my body image as I towered over the girls in my class until high school…as did my feet (size 11 by 6th grade) ?.  People who […] Read more

the Power List

the Power List

If you’re like me you wake up everyday with 1000s of thoughts, ideas and things on your mind. Or if you not, you wake up bored, lethargic and not so pumped up.

Either way we as human beings crave direction and structure to our day.

Last week I touched on a few things on why people end up un-successful with their New Year’s goals. In particular, #1) No routine, #3 Poorly Defined, #4) Too Many Goals. If that is the case with you allow me to introduce to you, The POWER List.

The Power List was introduced to me in a podcast by […] Read more

Even Olympic Athletes Need Recovery

Even Olympic Athletes Need Recovery

The opening games started Friday evening. As we were watching each country march thru the arena you see the smiles on these athletes faces as the entered. Chris and I were chatting about how much work went into those smiles to get Pyeongchang.

Do you ever think about what it takes to get to be an olympic athlete … What do they eat, how do they train, how do they recover etc?

When researching it was surprising to me that one of the aspects that is most important to these athletes is recovery!

The train hard and in return they need to make rest […] Read more

CPM Week of Workout Feb 12 – Feb 16

CPM Week of Workout Feb 12 – Feb 16

You have 3 choices in life; give in, give up or give it your all.


Ready to rock another week of workouts!

Monday:  Hope your legs have recovered! Part A starts with Back Squats followed by Part B with Front Squats, Rowing, Running and Sit-Ups.

Tuesday:  Get those shoulders ready with some Farmer Carry’s and HS hold. Then we have Rope Climbs/Pull-Ups with Burpees and Rope Climb/T2B with Ball Slams.

Wednesday:  It’s Wednesday so you know what that means…Death By! Get to the gym and see what we have in store this week.  Part B will DB Squat Cleans and Doubles.

Thursday:  Back to the […] Read more

Gym Rat Chit Chat Episode #8 – The Blondes

Gym Rat Chit Chat Episode #8 – The Blondes

Episode 8

I’ve been trying to schedule a time to interview Brooke and Alicia for a while now. You don’t always see them together at CPM but often times you do. Brooke and Alicia are the blonde bombshells that walk into the gym all chill but turn into tornados once the workout starts. They both have their own individual strengths which have developed since they’ve been at CPM. Brooke is a rockstar coach on Saturday mornings and Alicia is now working out with her husband, Reed, and trust me, they are a rockstar couple! I had a […] Read more

A Mod Squad Mini – Stretch Break!

A Mod Squad Mini – Stretch Break!

Quick Shoulder Stretch Break!


It’s been a while since we’ve done a Mod Squad Mini, so I thought it was time for another video to help you sneak some stretching into your day.  Stretch breaks don’t need to be complicated or take up a lot of time and today’s video is perfect to help undo the stress of being on our phones or computers all day.

In less than 5 minutes you can feel like a new person!


Want more good stuff like this?  Join me for yoga every Saturday morning at 9:30!!


The O-Board Says…

Part A
Strict Press

Part B
3 Rounds for Time
800 m Run
15 STO
30 Back […] Read more

The Resolution(s) Aftermath…

The Resolution(s) Aftermath…

I used to be a quitter. Every day would be filled with false starts and high ambitions, and I might even make a lot of progress towards whatever goal I had in mind at the time, but ultimately I would always give up before reaching said goals.

The New Year Resolution season is just about done, and many of us that were hoping that this year will be the year where everything turns around.

You’re going to exercise every day.
You’re going to lose 50 pounds.
You’re going to launch that new business idea.

So where are you at? I hope not like […] Read more

The Voice In Your Head at CPM …

The Voice In Your Head at CPM …

As I was watching the super bowl, and viewing the most elite athletes in the world my mind started to wander….

What makes these athletes tick? Do they get nervous? What is really going on through their minds as their cleats touch the field?

Are there voices that go on inside our head .. if so what are they saying?

I know most of us can relate to this on  some scale..

Do you think the NFL athletes are going through the same mental battles we are?

Are we all on the same page as athletes? and if so why are these athletes ” So […] Read more

CPM Week of Workouts Feb 5 – Feb 9

CPM Week of Workouts Feb 5 – Feb 9

You can’t spell CHALLENGE without CHANGE.


Monday: Ready to start the week with Cal row, Medball cleans, and Burpees!

Tuesday:  Meet “Viola” and enjoy some Running, Snatches, Pull-Ups and Cleans. Sounds like fun!

Wednesday:  Wednesday’s are Death By…death by what come see! Part B is an AMCAP, Row for as many Cals as possible. Will you rest or take advantage of some active rest!

Thursday: Time for Strict Press! Followed by Running, STO, and Back Rack Lunges.

Friday:  Finish the week strong with some T2B, KB Swings, Doubles and Weighted Step-Ups.

Have a great week CPM!



The O-Board Says…

4 rounds, 5 minutes each
20 Cal Row
20 Medball Cleans
Max Burpees
Rest […] Read more

Gym Rat Chit Chat – Special Friday Night Lights Edition

Gym Rat Chit Chat – Special Friday Night Lights Edition

Friday Night Lights

I’m a pusher. If you’ve had me as a coach, you know I’m the coach that will tell you to try that muscle-up, handstand push-up, squat snatch, pistol… and so on. I’ve tried it all myself. Sometimes I fail, sometimes I surprisingly succeed. But either way, I never would have known the outcome had I not at least tried to do the movement. Even better than succeeding myself is watching my clients succeed. At first it was challenging to watch as my members, those that I coach and workout with, began to beat me […] Read more