CPMFITness Kids Coming This Summer!

Announcing our summer kids program!

Dates: Tuesdays and Thursdays from July 10th – August 2nd
Cost: $120 per child; $100 for each additional child

CPM Kids (ages 5-8): 1:15 pm – 2 pm
CPM Kids class builds on the foundation of FUN. The skills taught will include foundational and auxiliary movements to accommodate the developing abilities of kids in grades K-3. The goal of CPM Kids is to develop and improve general physical fitness in order to prepare kids to be safe in life and sport as well as create a lifelong love of health and physical fitness. The focus of the kids program […] Read more

The Benefits of Static Holds in Workouts and in Life ….

Thursday we will be doing a workout that consists of all static holding for different positions ..

Hollow Hold
Bar Hang

Why did I program this you ask?

Well you all know I am the “Why” Girl so here is your answer …

Static exercises, also known as “Isometrics”, are a form of exercise where the body performs little to no movement while contracting its muscles.
Key benefits of static training are:

1. Increased muscular endurance – Static training is very taxing on your CNS (Central Nervous System). This occurs very quickly while performing static holds. Which is why you notice that you […] Read more

Carbs Can Work For You…

Carbs Can Work For You…

Overconsume carbohydrates, and you could incur unwanted weight gain, blood sugar issues, and a long list of chronic diseases.

Eat too little, and you could experience hormonal imbalance, weight loss resistance, and major drops in athletic performance.

To add to this conundrum, what is one person’s high carb can be another’s too low carb – making mainstream “general” intake recommendations entirely inadequate.

While both sides of the coin project carbohydrates in an unpleasant light, rest assured – your right carb does exist, and eating the appropriate amount of this macronutrient can help you achieve health, longevity, and natural leanness.

The big (and quite controversial) question now becomes… What is your right […] Read more