Stay CPMFIT This Holiday Season …

Stay CPMFIT This Holiday Season …

Now that the holiday season is here, we have many added events, stresses, and reasons to get ourselves off track and lose focus on what our ultimate goal at hand is.

The holiday stats on weight gain are astounding and inexcusable. The average american gains 1 pound on Thanksgiving and never, I repeat never looses it. An even more gut wrenching (literally and figuratively). This same american that gains 1 lb on turkey day will gain up to 9 lbs, and the weight will NEVER come off!

Don’t let this be you Fit Ones!

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CPM Week of Workouts Dec 3 – Dec 7

CPM Week of Workouts Dec 3 – Dec 7

Make it a December to remember….

Monday: Plank, Double Unders, Rowing
Tuesday: Thrusters, Running, HR Push-Ups, KB SDLHP, Wall Balls, Russian Twists
Wednesday: Plank, Ring Dips, Bar Hang and Wtd Step-Ups, Burpees, DB? and Row for Cals
Thursday: Snatch, Box Jump, Run/Row
Friday: Row, RC, Push-ups, KB swings, air squats

The O-Board Says…

Part A. EMOTM 8min
Odd: 45 sec Plank Hold
Even: 25 Double Unders

Part B. 23.5min for Meters (partners use 1 rower)
P1 row 500m
P2 rest

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