Huddle Up, It’s Half-Time

Huddle Up, It’s Half-Time

July marks the mid-point of our year. It’s HALFTIME!

For many July is just another month filled with work, errands, to-do-lists and other life demands. Summer brings with it vacation mode, a shift in attitude but also weeks of leave, shorts and flip-flops and less time in the office.

For others, it’s an incredible opportunity. A chance to step back, evaluate our year so far with our goals and objectives and take action to get back on track…if necessary.

For me halftime is an opportunity to ask myself a few important questions:

How am I coming along on my goals?
 Where am I succeeding? Where […] Read more

Confronting the Comfortable…

Confronting the Comfortable…

Success is a comfort awarded to those only willing to do the uncomfortable. Comfort is a stagnation. Growth requires a constant state of discomfort.

Well that sucks!… Well… Actually when you really understand this it can be empowering.

How can you want to be uncomfortable? How can you consistently put up with the ‘HARD’?

Here are 5 great tips from a (virtual) mentor of mine, Darren Hardy.

1. Do what you resist!
When giving a choice between (2) options pick the one with most resistance.
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2. Push past HARD!
When your brain says back off, it is a REAL clue that growth is on […] Read more

CPM – Annie’s Nutrition 101

CPM – Annie’s Nutrition 101

I had made dinner for some family friends on Tuesday evening and as we were sitting at the table eating, my friend was inquiring how I began to enjoy cooking and how can I eat so healthy all the time?

My first response was that cooking has become my sanctuary and my creative outlet! There is always new fun recipes to try, fun foods to experiment with, and my favorite part is watching the people I cook for enjoy the meals I prepare.

With nutrition it is really simple, yet not easy. My friends went on to interview me and ask what […] Read more

CPM Week of Workouts July 15 – July 19

CPM Week of Workouts July 15 – July 19

Monday: Clean and Jerk, Pull-ups, Push-ups, Squats, Deadlifts, Cleans and Jerks
Tuesday: Doubles, KB Swings, Run, Burpee Box Overs
Wednesday: Deck Squats, Arch Rocks, DB Rows, DB Bench Press, Row
Thursday: Snatch, Burpees, Rope Climb
Friday: Row, Sit-ups, Wallballs, Step-ups, DB Snatch

The O-Board Says…

A. 4 Rounds: Every 75sec
3 Cleans and 3 Jerk

B. AMRAP: 25
1 Round Cindy
1 Round DT

[…] Read more

Are You Ready for a Coach?

Are You Ready for a Coach?

I know in my own life the happiest and most successful I have been is when I decided to hire a coach. If you are new to the concept, know that it feels scary at first. You are spending money and time on yourself AND asking for help (something that I am not good at!). You are willingly signing up to let someone else into your life, to push you to make changes. Sometimes this means letting someone in on your deepest darkest secrets. Working with a coach makes your desires REAL, gets them OUT into the world, and helps […] Read more

What if You Treated Your Body Like Your Car?

What if You Treated Your Body Like Your Car?

A couple weeks ago I wrote about “What if we treated our bodies like Bank Accounts?” Now lets flip it and re-introduce you back (this is a repost for a couple years ago) about this analogy…

Most of us drive cars that run on “regular” octane fuel. We keep our eyes out for a deal on gas to save a few bucks, but at the end of the day, when you need it … you need it…. And you fuel up the tank so that you can get to work, the store, or the lake this weekend. If you drive a […] Read more

5 Small Changes That Will Make a Drastic Difference to Your Health!

5 Small Changes That Will Make a Drastic Difference to Your Health!

Do you ever see people who have completely changed their whole routine in a drastic way, and in return they receive drastic results.

Most of do not need the drastic change, but making a few simple changes to our overall diet will leave you feeling and looking better than you have in years!

Here are 5 tips to live by and if you do the results will amaze you!

1. Drink More Water: You should be consuming at least 80 oz of water a day. Water is the great for your skin, weight loss, digestion, flushing out toxins, increase in your energy, and an […] Read more

Keep Your Hydration in Mind

Keep Your Hydration in Mind

Let the celebrations begin!! Over the next few day’s many people will be celebrating our nation’s birthday with BBQs, beach trips and firework displays.

But if you’re not careful, a fun 4th can turn dangerous quick.

Dehydration makes the top of the list. When the temperature and humidity are both above 70%, you enter the dehydration danger zone. Getting enough water is very important, and even more if you are drinking things like soda, tea or alcohol.

So what happens when plain water gets boring or we really don’t care for it?

#1: Make it bubbly: Along with keeping you hydrated, sparkling water, whether […] Read more

Wenis Test… (the What Test)??

Wenis Test… (the What Test)??

The #1 rule for a Coaching a client at CPMFITness is DGH…

Don’t Get Hurt!

We’ve talked about Fixing (LINK) and improving (LINK) your Front Rack Position in a previous post(s)

Creating and Keeping the correct positions in a Front Rack position is vital for a clients safety and pursuit of improving their FITness. Shoulder/Upper Body mobility can be the worst for most adults who work the desk life. To know if this is an issue for you let’s test it…


You got it?? That is great!

No go? No sweat. Mobility is trainable. Just like strength, cardio, weight loss, etc…

The Wenis […] Read more

Fit Chic 4th of July Favorites …

Fit Chic 4th of July Favorites …

With the 4th of July Weekend coming up I thought it would be nice for you to have some fun, festive, fit chic recipes to choose from. So I am starting off with the first and my favorite part the appetizers and sides. These will have everyone talking and feeling great.

Festive 4th of July Potato Salad


1 package small red potatoes, halved

1  package baby Dutch yellow potatoes, halved

1 package petite purple potatoes, halved

1 Cup of Paleo Mayo

1 Tbsp of Dijon mustard

5 hard-boiled eggs diced

1 stalk of celery diced

2 tablespoons of parsley

2 teaspoons of creole seasoning

2 cloves of garlic

1 small onion diced

1/4 cup of […] Read more