3 Success Ingredients…

I listened to one of my favorite mentors this week, Grant Cardone and he said something that really resonated with me. The topic was, “How To Get What You Want“, he discussed 3 very simple (but not easy) steps you must do and you can get what you want.   


Obscurity: In sales and business when others are thinking about you for your product/service you are putting yourself in a position to win and close the deal. For your life, health, marriage/relationship if you are constantly thinking about and aware of them you are putting yourself in a position to win in those aspects as well. Most people don’t really know what they want because they are not thinking about it enough. We are so worried about others and what they think about us. Once we begin to bring more attention to what we want we have just taken the first step towards getting what we want. 


Tip: Write down your goals… EVERYDAY! Yep… everyday! If you want to move to the next step faster write them down 2x a day. You need to ingrain these goals in your brain. You need to keep them fresh on paper and tattoo them to your heart. The process of writing, reading and speaking these goals over and over again makes them happen faster and I believe it is a rite of passage for you to believe them. 


Uncertainty: Now that we have those goals on our attention constantly it is time to get very clear with them. Thinking about what we want will only take us so far. If we do not believe we can achieve it then we never will. When we become clear and certain with what we want then we are on our way to achieving it. 


Tip: When you doubt yourself (and it happens to the best of us:-), STOP IMMEDIATELY, and do one if not all of these 3 things. 1. Pull out your goals and read them or re-write them (re-write is preferred). 2. Listen to one of your favorite personal growth CDs. 3. Call your coach or mentor. We need to get out of our self doubt or we will repeat our previous bad habits. The best way to get out of our own heads is to literally get into someone else’s head to learn and be inspired by those that are better than us. Uncertainty is the toughest step in my opinion because there is always someone trying to bring you down or you have to overcome years of doubt from your past. 


Persistence: Finally it is going to take the constant pursuit of actions to get what you want. No one has ever just achieved a goal without struggle, obstacles, roadblocks, etc… (and if they have it wasn’t really a goal worth achieving). The problem for a lot of us is when things get tough we fold, quit or try something else. We never achieve a goal because we lack the persistence to really go for it. Success is never given to you. It is not a right. Success and goals are earned through work ethic, self discipline, developing skills and the persistence to continue at that goal no matter the setbacks. Honestly I think this final step is the easiest to develop. I think what happens to most of us is we jump to persistence and don’t become fully competent at obscurity and uncertainty. So when things get tough we stop and give up because we aren’t confident and clear with what we are out to pursue in the first place. 


Tip: Setbacks are part of the plan. Understand that when you do come up against resistance or a roadblock then you are getting CLOSER to your goals not further away. The more you continue to keep acting is the key to achieving. Even though you can’t guarantee when a goal will happen you can guarantee it will happen as long as you remain persistent. 


Keep life and your goals as simple as you can by focusing on these 3 steps to getting what you want. It will take enough energy and effort to develop these steps.