30 Days 30 Minutes 30 Meals….

Many of you who are participating in the CPM 360 nutrition challenge have voiced concerns about “time constraints” being an issue with food preparation.

Well here is a great way to solve all your preparation problems … first thing you need to do is purchase a crockpot that will solve many of your issues and pick one day to pick recipes for the week and one day to go to the grocery store. This way you are even more prepared.

All the recipes I have included below can be done in your crock one!

With Fall in full effect it is easy to crave those warm comfort foods so this will compliment the challenge and lifestyle perfectly!

Here are two great websites I found (so now you actually have 60 meals).

The first has great dinner recipes.

The second has a few breakfast recipes as well.

These are super simple and you can throw them in your crockpot the night before, so dinner just needs to be microwaved or heated when you get home.

Or you can prepare it in the morning and then dinner will be ready for you right when you open the door.

Now you have 60 reasons to not make excuses why time is an issue.

What are some easy, quick, meals you like to prepare CPM’ers?

Post your comments below….


The O-Board Says…

30 Rounds, every 60 seconds perform the following…
1x Bear complex
5x push ups
*Bear Complex = Clean + thruster + back squat + thruster.

Posted by: Annie