4th Quarter FITness Blitz

4th Quarter FITness Blitz

The clock is ticking. We’re already halfway through the 2nd week of the 4thquarter of 2017 (can you believe it?!). For too many gym enthusiasts (or gym wanna be’s:-), this is the quarter that will make or break their year. If you’re in this camp, keep reading for what you need to be doing.

Unfortunately, I’m sharing this from first-hand experience, having spent too many years part of multiple gyms over the years (globo, 2 CrossFIT in 2 states, and now CPM) that didn’t start thinking about making their health a priority until the new year… Problem is it can become a viscous cycle of year after year.

In our Wired to Eat Challenge we have just begun, we are focusing on more than just food and exercise. There are 5 pillars of health (Nutrition, Movement, Sunlight, Sleep and Community). Real health and sustainable FITness has these 5 things always in play during your day, week and year.


Your 4th quarter blitz needs to consist of the following:

  • #get2thegym: I agree, nutrition is the king of health and results. However getting to the gym first gets you your exercise first and helps hold you more accountable with the other Pillars of Health. Own your gym schedule. 3, 4 or more workouts a week needs to be blocked out on the calendar. The further out you schedule the easier it is to troubleshoot when a conflict arises. C: After the meals are in systematized, it’s time to
  • Nutrition Tactics:
    • Clean Out Your Pantry: We have very little self control. Get rid of the tempting foods and stock up on the healthy food.
    • Go Shopping: Proteins (animal source), Veggies (produce section), Fruit (is your new dessert), Fats (oils, nuts and seeds), Odds and Ends (herbs, spices, peppers, teas, mineral water, etc..)
    • Cook! When you view a compliant meal as important as a workout at CPM you are on the right track. So a cooking session (I recommend 2x/wk minimum) where you make mutiple servings of protein and veggies can really set you up for success for the week!
  • Sunshine: Here in South Dakota take advantage of the weather before the winter hits. Vitamin D from sunshine is a magical tool that will accelerate any health and FITness goal; read more SEE THE LIGHT.
  • Sleep: Black out your room (if you can see you hand in front of your face its not ‘Blacked Out’. No LED lights in your room (alarm clocks, fire alarms, and no TV/phone 60 minutes prior to bed time. Go to Bed early. If you aren’t refreshed in the morning something is off and needs to be fixed.
  • Community: Thankfully CPM takes a lot of the heavy lifting on this one. Human beings crave other people. We are genetically designed to be around others. I watched a really neat 60 minutes a few years ago about “People Living Beyond 100 years”; they interview multiple residents at a senior living center. They measured, their exercise, nutrition, alcohol and dessert intake, activities, etc… They found that the #1 number reason why people live past 100 years is COMMUNITY! Being socially active is a major ingredient for a happy and healthy life.

What You Need to STOP Doing

You definitely want to avoid doing the following:

  • Focusing on large deals that have little chance of closing in the 4th quarter (unless you already have your number made).
  • Slowing up on prospecting, thinking you’ll go full speed prospecting come January.
  • Allowing things to slide into December when it increasingly becomes harder close.
  • Giving up on the year before the year is over by sand bagging your efforts.

There it is. Your list of what you need to be focusing on for the rest of 2017. Your job is the same as what I’m doing — going full-speed to make the 4thquarter the best it can be.   Finishing strong is the best way to take your momentum into the New Year and get it off to a fast start.

The O-Board Says…

Muscle-Up Wednesday
Part A:
10 minutes
Even: 5 Ring Rows + 5 Dips
Odd: 1 Power Clean (finding weight for B)

Part B:
Cash In: 800 m Run
5 Rounds:
3 Muscle-Ups/ 6 C2B PU’s
3 Cleans (95/65, 125/85, 155/105, 185/125, 205/155)
Cash Out: 800 m Run

PC’s increasing in weight each time

Post by Chris; follow me on snapchat; mr_cpm