5 Most Inspirational Places…

#6 was everytime I teach a CF WOD

When and where are the places to be when inspiration hits? You know, the time when you have the best ideas, the best thoughts, motivation, life changing AAHAA moments… When its the Best kind of inspiration it finds you, you can’t go looking for it. But I believe you have those places where it is easier for inspiration to happen. Here is my favorite 5 places:

1. In an airplane.
2. Long Road Trips.
3. By myself at the beach, hiking, sitting at the lake.
4. Waking up early with a cup of coffee/tea, in a quiet home before anyone else is awake.
5. Walking Rambo, or on a long run (which doesn’t happen very often;-)

What about you? When and where does inspiration find you?

Some info and idea from a past CFLA post