5 Things Your Dog Can Teach You About Yoga …

Many of you have been greeted by our dog Rambo. He has pretty much spent his whole life at the gym. From the time we picked him up from where he was born until now he has spent most of his waking hours around our gym, our members, and their children.When watching how Rambo behaves around others it shows you can really learn a lot about life from your dog.I watch Rambo on a day to day basis and feel that I can learn a lot from him.He never holds grudges, he is always relaxed and doesn’t sweat the small stuff, He always is loving, he is playful and fun, and he loves you unconditionally.
So I came across this blog from YOGANONYMOUS that really resonated well with me.

Read this article above to first make you smile and realize how the little things in life can truly put things into perspective.

What are some traits you would like to learn from your animals CPM’ers?

The O-Board Says…

2 Faced:

400m Run
50 Burpee to a Plate
50 DB Ground to Shoulder
50 OH Walking Lunges
50 Pullups
400m run