6 Degrees of Commitment…

6 Degrees of Commitment…

~nobody’s more committed then this lady above~

Lets talk about commitment…

Commitment to More…

In our gym, we feel every client deserves more… Some agree and do more. Some don’t and don’t. Did you know that if you commit to more you will receive more?!? Commitment is the key ingredient to guaranteeing success. By committing to less than more you are gambling with your future.  Everyone wants to WIN, few will really commit. When you fully commit to yourself, goals, family, FITness you will guarantee a better life for you and everyone around you.

Commitment to Learning…

We can look at the successful (in any field) and wonder, “They were born with ‘it'”. If you are not winning in a certain area in your life it really boils down to you just don’t understand it enough and aren’t good at it. Remember this formula:

Skills –> Confidence –> Success

To the degree you know enough about something is to the degree you will get a result. You want to be a millionaire and your’e not… You don’t know enough about money. Looking for “FITTER body?.. Your body will look to the degree you know about nutrition, exercise and health.

Commitment to Have Too…

Wake up earlier… Snooze! 
Eat broccoli vs. ice cream… Hmmmm
Take a Yoga class or go to Happy Hour… No contest!

Human beings will get away with as much as they can. I actually believe “Living the Dream” is how much results can we achieve with doing the least amount of work. And there is nothing wrong with that! It is in our human nature to take the path of least resistance. You get what you work for; with the opposite being true. The problem is when we want more then we have and we expect more results. We will do what we have to do! If/when we convince ourself we don’t have to then we won’t.

Commitment to You..

One of the biggest excuses in the FITness world is using family, friends, spouse or someone else as your reason for not committing to your Health and FITness. The thinking you are sacrificing your health for the well being of others is really backwards when you think about it. If you are healthier, more energetic, proud of yourself, stronger, etc… You actually have more to give of yourself to your loved ones.

Commitment to Honesty…

This can be a tough one to swallow… In order to succeed we need to digg deep inside of us and find out what REALLY motivates us? Scares us?Understand how our past has affected our thoughts and actions in today’s world. We are what we think about. We may believe we deserve a different reality because we believe or feel we deserve different results.

Taking 100% Responsibility

Once we are committed to honesty it is much more simple to take 100% responsibility. And with that comes… FREEDOM! Freedom of guilty, shame, 2nd guessing yourself, blaming others, even blaming yourself… Now don’t get me wrong we will not be perfect and it’s not easy street all the time but you will be a different person with a whole new sense of yourself and have that personal integrity you want + need + deserve!

The O-Board Says…

A. EMOTM 5min:
45 Seconds of Toe to Bar
*Rest 1 minute

B. EMOTM: 5min
45 sec of Kb snatch (55/35)
*rest 1 minute

45 seconds of Pistols
rest 1 minute

D. EMOTM 5min:
45 seconds of Rowing for Cals

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