8 Mantras for Beginners to the ELITE!

As the new gym is rolling through it’s first month, it starts and new chapter in all of our lives.

It makes me think of people out there that are about to embark on taking control of their health and fitness. Starting something new in life can be overwhelming, intimidating and feel like a long road ahead.  But no matter where we are with our FITness, career or relationships it is always good to stick to some core fundamentals. Below is a great list of mantras to live by. It is written for beginners but very useful to you seasoned veterans as well.

1. Take it one choice at a time. Keeping it simple is always the key to progress. I know for me it is more about getting distracted with focusing on more than one thing – it actually slows me down.

2. I deserve this. We achieve what we believe we deserve. Maybe some of us need to work on this more than our abs… Just saying…

3. Pay myself first. Why are you so worried about everyone else first?! The better you become, the better you can do everything else. When you invest in you, you will receive the best ROI vs. anything else you put your time into.

4. It’s a journey not a race. What you are doing today you will reap tomorrow.

5.  Celebrate something everyday. Your life is a one time shot at how you want to create it. Why are you so focused on the bad when you can celebrate the good???

6. Don’t let perfect be the enemy of good. It’s about chasing perfection NOT being perfect. Just get a little bit better everyday. I heard from a success mentor that you only have to win 51% of the time to become successful in whatever you want to achieve.

7. It’s a lifestyle, not a diet. We are striving for permanent results. Thoughts, Actions, Behaviors and Habits make us who we are. A Diet is temporary, cheap and false.

8. I want you to CREATE… POST TO COMMENTS!


Today’s Workout:

3 Rounds:
200m Farmer Carry’s (AHAP)
100m Broad Jumps
100m Bear Crawls

Post by Chris.