A+ Attitude, Thoughts and Mindset

I came across a game changing model back in 2011, THE HIERARCHY OF GOAL SETTING.

The diagram describes the order of importance of the components of achievement in our lives.

It all starts with our thoughts.
Our thoughts lead to our actions.
Our consistent actions will form our habits.  
The habits we have will mold our character. 
Our character will determine our destiny. 

I believe that most people’s (and I was one of them) approach to goal achievement is to start with Action, and the more the better. Out work everyone else. Restrict yourself. Be more disciplined. Have more willpower. More, More, MORE!

More action with the wrong mindset will lead you to frustration, doubt in yourself and a ton of the same new year’s resolutions due to coming up short year after year.

Control how you think and control what you achieve.

Sounds simple enough. The tough part, as always, is actually fixing how you think. Here are some tips that have helped me over the years.

-Avoid newspapers, watching the news, tabloids, etc… They are designed to evoke fear and insecurity so they can sell products and make money. And if you really need to know what is going on in the world you can look for it directly on the internet or your friends will fill you in without you having to watch all the bad.

-Get rid of can’t do people. Sometimes, that includes family! Trust me, I know and don’t suggest you alienate yourself from your loved one’s if they are a bunch of negative nancy’s. A great approach is to take a long hard look at who is negative in your life and categorize them into 3 parts; expand, limit or disassociate. More on that in this post, BUILDING YOUR SUPPORT SYSTEM. 

-Get everyone on the same page. When you give everyone in your life clear expectations of what you want and what you need from them you become more confident and make it easier stick to your guns.

-Treat negative talk like garbage. Don’t allow it. Would you allow your best friend to dump garbage in your home? NO! Well when your best friend gives your negative attitude, complains, bad advice and is unsupportive that is same thing for your thoughts. Don’t let any garbage in your brain. I read a powerful quote a few years back, “You get outta life what you tolerate”.

-Start a negativity diet today. no negativity allowed for 24 hours. Try it. I can’t remember anyone that was able to obtain from all negativity for 24 hours the first time they tried. It’s challenging but worth it. So if you don’t make 24 hours. Do it again until you do:)

-You can’t out think bad thoughts. Just like you can’t out workout a bad diet. Affirmations, dream boards, the SECRET all have a purpose and do good things but I think waaay too many people rely on those soley for their success. And when something bad happens or doesn’t go their way they revert back to their old negative thoughts. It’s more about removing the bad thoughts versus just adding the good thoughts.


The O-Board Says…

A. 5 Round – 2 Min Each
5 Manmaker
Bar Hang Rest of Min

B. For Time
80 Kb Swing
400m Run
40 Goblet Squat w/ Bell
400m Run
60 Kb Swing
400m Run
20 Goblet Squat w/ Bell

Post by Chris.