A Big Thank You to My CPM Community …

As most of you know last Sunday (May 4th) I completed my first Marathon in Orange County California. I don’t even really remember what sparked the idea in my head, but I just got the itch to do it and began to look around and found that there was a race in Orange County May 4th. I liked the course we could see our family, and my mom said she would run with me.

I love all aspects of fitness and I felt the marathon was a monumental event for me in my fitness career. It was definitely one that I wanted to check off my fitness bucket list before I die. I also want to compete in a triathlon, do an adventure race, go rock climbing, and climb a monumental mountain.

So I took the next step and signed up. As you all know the winter did not allow for a lot of outside activity, so I was on the rower for most of my “miles”. I am from California so if it is not shorts and t-shirt weather I really have no desire to be outside (hence why I didn’t get a lot of miles in).

I decided that on Easter Sunday I better get out and do a long run to make sure I had some idea of what I was getting myself into. I went 13 miles and felt good. I knew I would be ok physically for the big day. As the race began vastly approaching I had so many wonderful people from the CPM community lending advice, lending their running apparel, and cheering me on.

I felt so confident because so many of you believed in me. Even if I didn’t think I could do it, you all thought I could and that was far more motivating!

The week leading up to the race, I received cards, gifts, texts, Facebook messages etc… all with positive, encouraging, inspiring words to keep me with a confident mindset going in. I was so touched and it made me even more inspired to complete my task.

The day before and day of the race I once again had my community thinking about me, supporting me, and believing in me. I remember at mile 13 thinking “I can’t believe I am only 1/2 way there I am not sure I can do this”. Then in that same thought, I heard all of your encouraging words from the previous days and knew this was a task I could and would do because all of you thought I could!

It really proved to me how powerful our community is, and how special you all are to Chris and I! We feel so blessed to have such positive, inspiriting, hard-working people around us. We could not ask for a better gym, and I can’t wait to cheer all of you on as you embark on some of your fitness bucket lists!

What are some activities you want to complete on your fitness bucket list?
Post your answers in the comments below…..

The O-Board Says…

25 Deadlifts
50 Burpees
800m Run
25 KB Swings
50 Pistols (alternating)
250 DUs

Posted by: Annie