A CPM Buns and Guns Challenge …

A CPM Buns and Guns Challenge …

Spring is in the air which means Summer is right around the corner. Warm Weather, Swimsuits, and Tank Tops all around. No need to dread summer this year as CPM has created a 30 day “Buns and Guns” workout plan to get you game ready for Summer!

Isolating those muscle groups will put a focus on attacking the two areas that are the most common ones where people want to see some results!

Now you will be flaunting those guns, and flexing those buns and feeling better than ever.

30 days is also a really great opportunity to have a goal, keep it simple, and make it effective.

My Fit Chic pro tip is to double day 3x a week at CPMFITness

This will help you feel great during the day, check it off the list, and not allow anything to get in the way!

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The O-Board Says…

A: Split Jerk
*every 90 seconds

B. 10 Rounds for Time:
1 Clean and Jerk
5 Pullup
10 Pushups
15 Lunge Repeaters

Posted By: Annie