A CPM Year in Review for 2017 ….

A CPM Year in Review for 2017 ….

Today is the first day of 2018 and before looking to year ahead, I wanted to reflect on the year I left behind. Every year I do a Year in Review from the Great Darren Hardy.

The workbook is designed to get very concise goals in different categories such as Physical, Mental, finical, Spiritual, Relationships, etc .. followed by the top 10 Happenings from 2017.

When writing these 10 things I looked back on how fast this year went, and how many things I had forgotten I accomplished.

I am always so eager to find out “what’s next” that I forget to take time to reflect and appreciate how far I have come!

So Here are my Top 10’s from 2017 ….

1.Traveling to Riviera Maya to Teach Yoga for my 10 year wedding anniversary

2. Released my Second Cookbook Fit Chic Meals in Minutes

3. Went to a Wonderful Business Conference in Las Vegas

4. Launched Our marriage Fit Podcast

5. Fit Chic KDLT Segments

6. Friday Night Lights

7. Went to NYC

8. Nominated for Embe Women in Business Award

9. Committed to Being a Mama

10. Garth Brooks with my Dad

What are your top 10 Happenings from 2017 Fit Ones?

Post in the Comments below …

Here’s to a Happy & Healthy 2018!

The O-Board Says…

A: 6-min AMRAP
Max TGU’s

B: “Loredo”
24 Air Squats
24 push-ups
24 walking lunges
400m Run

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