A CPMFITness Yoga Room at the Sioux Falls Airport

A CPMFITness Yoga Room at the Sioux Falls Airport

This past Wednesday a monumental event happened … We opened the first yoga room at the Sioux Falls airport . This is the 6th yoga room at an airport in the U.S.

Yoga has so many wonderful benefits and traveling can do such harm to your body that this is truly a match made in heaven!

Yoga can help with low back tension (due from sitting for long periods), open your hip flexors, and even provide some good blood flow and relaxation to de stress and relieve tension before and after your travel.

The best part you can utilize this in your street clothes or active wear. Just come in kick off your shoes and begin your practice.

If you are traveling through the Sioux Falls Airport make sure you check out the new Yoga Room! Make your flight feel good in this summer of busy travel!

The Oboard Says…

A. Wtd Pushup

B. AMRAP 20min
400 run
*MAX pushup variation

Ring Pushup
plyo Pushup
Hand Release Pushup

Posted by: Annie