A Daughter’s Thoughts on the Whole Life Challenge

A Daughter’s Thoughts on the Whole Life Challenge

Whole Life Challenge – Keep Rocking it CPM!

The Whole Life Challenge has been even better than we had hoped. We have 144 people participating on the CPMFITness team. That is so exciting and motivating.  Don’t forget to log your scores every night. We personally love the daily reflections….entertaining, realistic and fun to read. Keep up the great work CPM!

What is Open Gym?

We have a few Open Gym slots on our schedule available to all CPM members. Open gym is a time for you to have access to our equipment and use it as you wish (within reason ;-)) Some members like to use it as a time to do the workout of the day on their own or perhaps do a workout that they missed on another day but really wanted to try. You can also lift weights, practice movements and just chat if you would like. A coach is always available to assist you if necessary. Please let us know if you have any questions!

A Daughter’s Thoughts on the Whole Life Challenge

Every time we start a new challenge at our house, my kids have a lot to say about it. My daughter happened to ask last week if she could write a blog and I asked her to write about the challenge. So here it is. Note: This has not been modified!

Macy Plucker Age: 9, Grade: 4

Hi my name is Macy, you can call me Macy. My parents are doing this challenge thingy where they have to do like 10 minutes of squats and pushups and have to avoid treats and all the good things like that. Thank goodness I still get to eat things like that. We exercise outside and sometimes my mom gets mad at my dogs because they mess her up. My dad doesn’t care though. Sometimes my mom yells at my cats too when they exercise inside. At my church on Sunday I brought home cookies, pie, and brownies. Now they have to avoid them MUHAHAHAHA.

img_5451 pumpkinpie

On Monday my parents made this gross veggie thing. It looks DISGUSTING!!!!!! They also put like pecans, milk, and bananas in a bowl and call it their “treat”. I ate all my cookies so they don’t have to worry about that. But there’s still lots of pumpkin, chocolate, and oreo pie to go around.

Here are my ideas to help you get healthy again.

  • Nutrition – try not eating chocolate, that will help
  • Exercise – run people run!!!
  • Mobilize – I don’t know what this means
  • Sleep – sleep for 7 hours
  • Hydrate – drink lots of water. LOTS!!!!!
  • Lifestyle – shut your eyes and clear your mind. HUUUUUUUUUUUMMMMMMMMMM!!!!
  • Reflect – write in a journal at night about your day



The Oboard Says…
Part A.
EMOTM for 10min
EVEN: 10 Pistols
ODD: KB Medley (10-10-10)
Part B.
4 Rounds for Time:
100m Suitcase Carry (R)
10 one arm KB Snatch (R)
100m Suitcase Carry (L)
10 one arm KB Snatch (L)
10 KB Furpees
Posted by: Emily