A Day in the Life of a CPM Coach ..

A Day in the Life of a CPM Coach ..

I was recently watching a video of a day in a life of a  business man I follow Grant Cardone. 

It made me start to think what does a typical day in my life look like ..

What are my habits, my routines, my appointments  etc …

So I thought why not put it on paper and share with my followers a Day in the Life of a CPM Owner.

Here is what my day will be today Monday October 26th 2015: 

4am wake up call..

4:10 am read my devotions, write in my journal

4:30 am hop on my rower and start my workout

5:20 am get ready for my day …

6 am teach at Docutap

7am do the CPM workout of the day

8:30 am teach Fit Chics at CPM 

9:45 am Film Fitness Friday Segment at KDLT

10:30 am COFFEE PLEASE … write Fit Chic Blog

11:30am Teach at CPM 2.0 Downtown 

1:30 pm Nutrition Appointments for Clients

3:30 pm Eat Lunch, and study (right now it is for my nutrition certification)

4:30 pm Train Personal training Client …

5:30 pm Yoga

6:30 pm Prep Dinner, Lunches for the next day and Breakfast

7:30 pm: Work on business TDL (daily tasks, inputing, workouts etc .)

8:00 pm Family Time

8:30 Meditate

9:00 LIGHTS OUT !!!!

It is so exciting to see how many wonderful tasks you can accomplish in your daily routine if it is planned and mediated. Looking at this on paper it looks like a lot but when it is scheduled and planned it does not feel overwhelming or over bearing.

Some days less is planned and it can feel like you can’t catch up .. A Good routine I have implemented is writing in my planner on Sunday Night all the events I have in the week ahead. Then the night before I double check to see if I need to add anything, take anything away or make any changes. This has helped tremendously with my stress, my patience, and my life overall. It runs like a well oiled machine instead of trying to drive everyday with no gas in the tank.

I always look to people like Sir Richard Branson, Oprah, Tony Robbins etc .. and if there days are not planned and strategically focused they could never get mission and their voice to reach as many people as they have. They are methodical and habitual with their day and this is a big part of why they are in the place that they are in.

What does a day in your life look like CPM’ers?

What do you want to change what do you want to add etc …

Post in the comments below …

The O-Board Says…

A. Push Press 5-5-5-5
(every 2min)
B. For time:
25 Pullups
25 Back Squats
25 2 ct Lateral hops (over bar)
20 Pullups
20 Back Squats
20 2 ct Lateral hops (over bar)
15 Pullups
15 Back Squats
15 2 ct Lateral hops (over bar)
10 Pullups
10 Back Squats
10 act Lateral hops (over bar)

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