A Fit Chic Year in Review…

A Fit Chic Year in Review…

Since it is the Eve of the New Year, I love to sit and evaluate the last year in my life. Chris and I like to refer to it as the “year in review”.

I look  at all of the events that took place over the course of the year and then I rate them.

-Top 5 accomplishments of 2018:

-Top 5 areas of growth:

-Top 5 areas I need to work on for 2019:

-Top 5 events I learned the most from:

-Top 5 memories:

-Top 5 people in my life:


I do this and then I begin to reflect on all that I have done and all that I want to do and continue to improve on for the new year!

We are our biggest critics and it is very hard to see imporvement in ourselves; but this is a positive, uplifting way to do it.

Writing your review also shows you areas where you need to work on your weaknesses. Also, you can critic yourself so that in 2019 you acknowledge weaknesses, improve on them and know your strengths and play to them.

So Fit Ones I want you to create your Year in Review and post some of the wonderful findings that you will become aware of from the list.

I will go first…

While evaluating my 2018 I became aware of how much it took to be a mom, how being a mom is the best job in the world, How much I am blessed to do what I love everyday and how much our business has grown, but I also realized how much more focused I want to get with it and really take it to the next level and teach and inspire as many people as we can to live a healthy lifestyle.

Post your answers in the comments below….

Happy New Year Fit Ones!

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