A Great Way to Clarify What YOU Want Out of Life…

Don’t drop or else!

At Stanford University they teach an exercise in their creative thinking part of the business faculty called, “2010 exercise”. And that is imagine if you have 20 million dollars in the bank (you inherited it, you won the lottery, you just got the $$$). But simultaneously you have an incurable illness and you only have 10 years left to live.

If you had 20 million dollars and only 10 years left to live…

What choices would you make for your life?

And that begins to clarify things. You start to become clear and think, “Well if I had that money, and only a limited amount of time. There are certain things that I would want to do and certain things that would not be that important.”

Through that kind of thinking you can start to really narrow down what are the things you need to be moving towards and focusing on.

Go For It!