A Little Compliment Can Go A Long Way

Wikipedias definition of a compliment:

A compliment is an expression of praise, congratulation or encouragement.

Compliments can be given in many different ways …

Sometimes the greatest compliment has nothing to do with how I look, or my outfit, etc …

Here is a list I of some of the best compliments to give that have nothing to do with your looks or physical appearance, but really make a persons day brighter.

#1 You are a great friend:

#2 I really am impressed by your work ethic and job commitment:

#3 You are a wonderful person

#4 You make people want to get better when you walk in a room

#5 You are a wonderful parent

#6 The world is a better place with you in it.

You don’t realize it, but saying something like this to someone you honor, appreciate, love, and respect can have a huge impact on their lives as well. Don’t just assume people know they are great, tell them and show them how great they are with a heart-felt compliment.

I always say “imagine if the world was filled with compliments and positivity all the time; how great it would be”.

What is one of the best compliments you have received recently, and what is one that you are going to give this week Fit Ones?

The O-Board Says…

Workout of the Day
In 2 minutes, complete the following:
20 Double-Unders
200 Meter Run/row
Max Kettlebell Swing

Score KB Swings in each set, for a total of 8 sets.

Rest 60 seconds, then 60 of active rest

Posted by: Annie